This Actually Scares the Crap out of Me

In the voting, on the static shot on CSPAN, a woman steps up to the microphone and begins yelling into the microphone that the Constition was written by Freemasons.

And the Lord Your God Shall Not Be Mocked! (No sense of humor, it is claimed, but, really, could a God who has no sense of humor have produced a Senator who would filibuster himself? Or Congress?)

Stenographer Dragged Off Floor

Gawker has the video

In his Charles Foster Kane best, Rupert’s minions brethlessly report, in that gutter tabloid manner that’s made Him such a Sleazy Success across three continents …

This is what happened ….. Click to read
Per Kaplan / Gretawire

From FNC CHAD PERGRAM:  —  Urgent: House Stenographer says Holy Spirit woke her up at night to deliver message to the House  —  Karrah Kaplan spoke with the husband of House stenographer Dianne Reidy last night.  There’s an emailed statement here from Dan Reidy….

I can’t suggest that you read it. But I won’t suggest that you don’t; but this is full on lunacy at high noon in the eye of the storm.

Here’s what that poor woman screamed. And that can’t be good. What I can say is this: we know that thoughts are things. They have a physical presence, leave signature chemical and electrical traces in the brain, and I know, by the conformative principle of audiences, that a group-mind forms in any society or temporary society of a ballroom.

And that woman, being the weakest link in a room filled with astonishing, high stakes lunacy, watched by an angry nation, COULD NOT HANDLE all that focused madness, and she popped.

Like an old style fuse popped in that movie A Christmas Story*.

[* That movie where that kid, like Congress, takes a dare to stick his tongue on a freezing pole and freezes to it? That one?]


Kind of like what happened to poor Sarah Palin.

Like a computer out-logicked by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Like a positronic brain in an Asimov story, locked in an endless loop.

And that is what I have been afraid of in this entire pointless and sadistic “shutdown” drama. And that is what has scared hell out of me. That some other, weaker link would pop, but be in possession of firearms or explosives.

OK. Gotta go.

Westboro Baptist church has deigned to take their Autumn Campout and Hate-o-Thon in Corvallis, Oregon next week.

Madness comes toOregon

This is what they’re circulating. Click to enlarge.

No craziness there.

If you really want to understand what’s scared the bejeebus out of me, don’t read the Greta story.

Just read the Comments.

We’re one John Brown away from a full-blown national tragedy. Can’t sow the wind and not expect to reap the whirlwind.


No, seriously,


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