50 Years Ago When People Read the Newspaper

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assination. Here’s an interesting Tweet with a look at 50 years ago, when people still read the newspaper on public transporation:

In today’s world, we would see people hanched over peering into the Smart Phones and Pads, rather than rows of people reading the newspaper.

Yesterday President Obama finished his day of honoring JFK’s legacy “by praising the late president’s family for continuing his spirit of service and idealism in the decades after his death.”

“In his idealism — sober, squared jawed idealism — we are reminded that the power to change this country is ours,” Obama said at a dinner honoring this year’s Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients.

“It is a legacy continued by his brothers and sisters who gave us a more gentle and compassionate country,” Obama said.

The Obama’s and the Clinton’s visited John F. Kennedy’s grave yesterday to a lay a wreath on it.

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