Dana Milbank Gifts Us All with his Wisdom


Milbank searches for 
the banjo music ….

Milbank, as per usual, sides with the pettifoggers, obstructionists, “Gone Galt”ers  and goobers:

The Democrats’ naked power grab
Dana Milbank / Washington Post:

“Congress is broken,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday before holding a party-line vote that disposed of rules that have guided and protected the chamber since 1789.  —  If Congress wasn’t broken before, it certainly is now.

And no, the filibuster has NOT been in effect since 1789. In fact, the modern version is the result of a rule adopted during the WILSON Administration. Good history there, Dana Dude!

Ah, sting, where is thy death?

This draws the usual banjo players:


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You know, the ones who rabidly defended the NSA spookocracy, the 911 illegal invasions, the notion that good Americans like myself were “traitors” for daring to criticize the Usurper in time of war? Those asshats?


Squeal like a pig, America! Your GOP at work.

Because Dana knows SO much more than we mere plebes:

Democrats were fully justified in stripping Republicans of their right to filibuster President Obama’s nominees — yet they will come to deeply regret what they have done.

Certainly, Republicans have abused the dilatory tactics that Senate minorities have, for centuries, used with greater responsibility; they seem intent on bringing government to a halt. And the Senate in 2013 is hardly a healthy institution. Yet it has achieved far more than the House — passing bipartisan immigration legislation and a farm bill and working out deals to avoid default and to end the federal government shutdown — largely because, until Thursday, Senate rules required the majority party to win votes from the minority.

Really? A broken clock is right twice a day, too, Milbank the Magnificent. Why, Megalomaniac Milbank KNOWS better than we mere mortals that giving in to Republican treason is FAR better than running a democratic republic by majority rule.

No more filibusters on qualified n0minees, just to stymie the Constitution and not allow agencies to function, or to attempt to function headlessly?


Senate Republicans at work

I know it works for you, Magisterial Milbank.

But as yourself this: when the Biggest Asshats of the blogosphere, the most nakedly partisan weasels, plague rats and Fifth Columnists ALL agree with how wonderful your analysis (emphasis on “anal”) is, don’t you have to question the very premises of your discourse?

After all, shite draws flies as readily as you’ve drawn rightie bloggers. Buzz buzz.

And, while you may believe it to be Mount Olympus, your perspective seems, in my humble opinion, to come more from the lower receptacle of a port-a-potty.


I see a bad moon a risin’

In other words, that moon you see might not be the moon you think it is.

But Reid’s remedy — calling a simple-majority vote to undo more than two centuries of custom — has created a situation in which the minority leader, Mitch McConnell (Ky.), is expected to use the minority’s remaining powers to gum up the works, and to get revenge when Republicans regain the majority.

As opposed to their civil behavior up ’til now? Quit drinking the Koolaid, Dana.

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Listen to the banjo music, Dana …


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3 Responses to Dana Milbank Gifts Us All with his Wisdom

  1. The principle that the Senate doesn’t rule on simple majority partisan votes has been around since 1789. During the WILSON administration they limited the filibuster to 2/3rds (because obviously NOTHING got done as America grew from 13 little states to an amazingly large and powerful nation in only 120 years). You forgot to mention that they changed it down to 60 votes, I believe in the 1970’s. But that doesn’t change the main point that since 1789, the Senate granted minority rights and respected the views of the minority party… and now they don’t. That is a historic and perhaps bad change.

    Okay, engage in personal attacks now and chant the name of your dear leader at your alter of men.

  2. Might be good to brush up on on the origin and history of the filibuster – http://www.brookings.edu/research/testimony/2010/04/22-filibuster-binder

  3. Now now, Sean. No need to be unpleasant.