Marriage Is Not the Fix for Single Mothers in Poverty

I just wrote about single mothers and poverty a couple of days ago and I’m back at it again today.

Marco Rubio gave a speech today pushing marriage as the fix for raising single mothers and their children out of poverty.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Yes, in the right circumstances it does work, but the problem is the circumstances are not always right. We have spent quite a few years now pushing the marriage intiatives as a fix for single mothers, only to see it doesn’t work.

Leave it to Marco Rubio to haul it back out of the conservative fix it bag, but shame on Matt Yglesias for giving Rubio’s theory a pat on the back. There are so many reasons why single mothers don’t get married. I had a list of them myself and in truth it wasn’t that I just plain didn’t want to… Never found the right guy (and that sadly happens to a lot of single mothers).

Seriously can we talk about new ideas to help single mothers and their children out of poverty rather than debate this topic which isn’t a magic bullet.

I would direct all those in favor of continuing to push marriage initiatives to Kristi Williams brief: Promoting Marriage among Single Mothers: An Ineffective Weapon in the War on Poverty?

If you are unclear about the origins of poverty lines and thresholds, The Atlantic provides some interesting info or you can read the full report the Atlantic quotes here.

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