What Treason Looks Like, Part 749,982*

* Approximate number of American soldiers killed in the last Civil War

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Welcome to the total spin zone

Yes, I have been away. But I haven’t missed anything. Here, in a blatant lie published in the Washington Post, another traitor claims crimes never raised, let alone prosecuted. Why? Because facts no longer matter to the Traitorous “Party of Lincoln.” Just claim to be non-partisan and then lie (imbecility emphasized):

The Insiders: The IRS, the Democrats’ cat’s paw

February 14 at 2:59 pm

Encouraged by the lack of a public backlash, an uninquisitive press, cover from the White House and an eager-to-please bureaucracy, the Democrats are boldly counting on the IRS to be their political and policy enforcer.This statement isn’t an overreach by the “vast right-wing conspiracy” or a phony crisis created by hecklers (like me) on the right — it goes back to the early stages of President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Seriously? Listen to the self-admitted “paranoid” partisan (in “Post Partisan”?!?? I guess the WaPo has forgotten that words have actual meanings.)

Remember the case of Romney supporter Frank VanderslootBefore the 2012 campaign, he was publicly accused of having a “less-than-reputable record” by Team Obama and then found himself the target of IRS and Department of Labor audits.

There is zero proof of this. In fact, this ‘fact’ comes from a Wall Street Journal OPINION piece that carefully lays out the assertion and doesn’t claim it’s true:

Did Mr. Obama pick up the phone and order the screws put to Mr. VanderSloot? Or—more likely—did a pro-Obama appointee or political hire or career staffer see that the boss had an issue with this donor, and decide to do the president an unasked-for election favor? Or did he or she simply think this was a duty, given that the president had declared Mr. VanderSloot and fellow donors “less than reputable”?

Notice the ‘alternative’ explanation is that it was more likely a corrupt IRS official who divined the secret Nixon agenda of Obama. How about this “more likely” scenario: the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages have not given a whit about “truth” at least since they accused the Clintons of murdering their close friend Vince Foster, who committed suicide following a GOP smear campaign designed to (effectively, as it turns out) “destroy” him? Gee. Here’s the following WSJ “evidence” paragraph:

Mr. VanderSloot says he “expected the public beatings” from the left after the naming, but he “also wondered whether government agencies, anxious to please their boss, would take notice of the target he had apparently placed on me. Now that I’m being singled out for audits, I can’t help but wonder whether there is a connection.”

Lots of Republicans AND Democrats are audited every year — in contradistinction to the paranoia of the Party of Nixon.

But this is “sufficient” for our liar to claim it as “fact.” The WaPo Wacko continues:

This was just one example of an individual who was persecuted because of his donation to a pro-Romney super PAC, but it served as a sufficient warning and no doubt had a chilling effect on others who were inclined to support the Republican nominee for president in 2012. And we now know that while this was going on, the IRS was actively suppressing conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status because they opposed the president and the Democrats’ policy positions….

The  “post-partisan” “writer” must be on a “ski” vacation in Colorado, if you catch my drift.


If facts don’t matter, well, then: RNC national chairperson Reince Priebus.

It is merely a series of paranoid assertions, as the author concludes with:

Maybe I’m a paranoid Republican, but you don’t have to be a conspiracist to see that there is an ominous pattern emerging of the IRS being involved on behalf of the president’s political interests.

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No, you don’t have to be SANE to see this “ominous” pattern emerge. In fact, sanity operates as an outright inhibition to seeing such a self-serving fantasy.


‘I’d like to reserve my rubber room now, to avoid the rush …’

“Post Partisan”? as the title for a BLATANTLY PARTISAN ‘post-facts’ post dredging up the most paranoid and vicious lies that the lunatic blogger could get away with under the aegis of “spirited debate”??

An article in The Hill quotes several vulnerable Senate Democrats — such as Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) — who are openly demanding the IRS increase their intimidation of organizations that may oppose them. Obviously, the Democrats expect more from their team members at the IRS in the months leading up to the 2014 elections.

And Pete Seeger was a commie. Right.

You mean that asking the IRS to enforce the law against “charitable” organizations that the Kochs and others use as secret money laundering operations to inject stealth dollars into campaigns in complete disregard for law and democracy proves that the IRS is on the Democrats’ “team”?


More Republican “truth” 

Sounds like a “marijuana overdose” to me*. Quick, call the paramedics!

Gee. I have been asking the IRS to enforce those self-same laws since 1996. And I showed their blatant abuse in 2006. But hey, whatever Judases your goat, mister “post partisan.”

Or, as usual with liars and forwarders to your grandma, the “Snopes” piece quoted doesn’t say what the liar asserts that it says. Oh dear.


Another series of famous GOP lies

What lame non-editor and the non-journalist WaPo allowed this libel to print? Or, like pornography, do words not matter anymore?

If you really BELIEVE this nonsense, then you ALSO believe that each and every IRS agent is a liberal Democrat, committed to a partisan takeover of the USA through endless political intimidation, without a single, solitary whistle-bl0wer for the Krauthammers and Aileses of the Reicht to debrief.

And, obviously, you must also believe in Unicorns.


Shame on any professional news organization for printing this swill. Collaborators in the destruction of civil society, as history will undoubtedly show. Feh. Ptui.

We have passed the “Bleeding Kansas” phase of American treason. With the nullification, the open obstruction and blatant disregard for uncomfortable facts that do not fit into the treasonous narrative, we are on the verge of “Bull Run.”

Let me stoop to their level:

Making up fake narratives to whip up their cannon fodder, the Republicans openly plot to take over the country by violence and intimidation.

bloody rebel flag

My  blatant assertion without any evidence presented whatsoever has the virtue of being at least partially true.


* There is no such thing as a  marijuana overdose — since THC is remarkably NON-toxic.

I have been away for more than a month, and that is explained, HERE, because it is not in keeping with the language or mission of THIS blog. Which I respect, Gentle Reader.

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