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If you are the sort of person who enjoys schadenfreude, please CLIP THIS COLUMN*.  The likelihood that this New York Post hack will live long enough to be shamed to death by it approaches 100% (assuming she signs up for Obamacare, of course, rather than dying of consumption in the gutter somewhere).

It ought to be a steady source of mockery and humiliation to her extended family for at least three generations. Zowie! A flat-earther!

[* No, not this blog column; this Rupert Murdoch-owned NY Post column:]

Al Gore’s global-warming rhetoric is put on ice
Andrea Peyser / New York Post

[…] This seems a good time to stop the deafening chatter of teeth and develop a coherent thought: I envy Al Gore.

I’m jealous of all deluded salesmen of the junk science known by the politically correct term “climate change’’ who see a near future in which our entire planet turns into sunny Florida. No, wait — during the polar vortex that hit this country like a cold slap in the face last month, all 50 United States and Washington, DC, recorded temperatures below freezing. That includes Florida. Hawaii, too.

Gore, Bill Clinton’s vice president who lost the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush, has reinvented himself as the world’s leading warming guru, a career that’s turned him into a kind of zaftig* version of Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt….

[* The word is misused here, as noted below.] The reach exceeds the intellectual grasp.


With hair like that, how can his theories be true?

Making fun of Al Gore for “inventing” or “owning” global warming is as imbecilic an argument as criticizing the Specialized Theory of Relativity based on Albert Einstein’s coiffure. Or refuting Johan Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion because Kepler wasn’t a ‘Murrican.

At least Einstein HAD something beneath that mop, which is more than can be said for Rupert’s little putana of prose.

its a major prize

It’s a major prize!

Hey, if the go-go boots and fishnets fit, wear ’em.

Respect is reserved for the respectable; contempt for the contemptible. And the supercilious imbecility of this NY Post columnist’s “argument” brooks naught BUT the contempt formerly reserved for quislings and online trolls: a collaborator in the destruction of her own species.

Can we stop NOT laughing at the spectacle of imbeciles, whores and unemployable hacks touting the false and ridiculous party line that global warming is a myth because it’s not warm? Can we stop NOT sneering at the uninformed, specious and intellectually uncurious or bankrupt affecting an air of intellectual superiority even as they prove — forensically and beyond a reasonable doubt — that they are PRECISELY the opposite?


Rupert’s little pet

I mean when a discussion of the superstorms that threaten our very civilizati0n and which were undoubtedly (if you believe in, say, reason and the scientific method rather than, say the reducti0nist and utterly selective cretin drool that forms the bedrock of the anti-evolution arguments) backed up with scientific and evidentiary consensus is reduced to a “sly” (i.e. ‘clueless’) dig at Al Gore’s girth, you understand that we are dealing with mental midgets and  mindless marching morons.

And, if not, then all the aspersions I can cast on their cretinous realm and reign herein cannot faze the satraps of simpering simpletonnage.

april foole

Yeah! That science stuff is awl karazzee!

Mostly because I include contempt expressed in more than the two syllables of “zaftig“* that this bête noire of democracy, self-governance and civil debate seems to have as the upper syllabification limit of her ineptitude.

(* Besides, the dumb bunny misuses “zaftig” she’s THAT bright. Awwww.)

Global warming = greater chaos in weather patterns. Predicted.

(Hey Prosed-Toastie: Read. Some. Books. )

shocked_faceThe idea that because of global warming it won’t snow, or that because it’s cold, the Earth can’t be warming is as sophisticated as the notion that the Earth has to be flat, because when I get on a mountain and look out, the horizon looks flat.


Imbecility is the diagnosis. Electroshock therapy is the prescription.

brain on drugs2

This your brain on News Corporation Swill

It won’t work, of course.

But it might be fun to watch.

And isn’t that the kind of spectacle that Rupert’s soulless minions prefer anyway?


murdochRupert Murdoch: Keeping
Satan happy in America


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