Speaking of Trickery, Ted Cruz is a RINO

Sometimes I wonder why I bother…


Cruz in front of the fake
Tea Party Express bus.

Ted Cruz whines.  And the comatose “national media” sits up from its coffin and sniffs the air. “Wots all this then?” it mumbles and goes back to sleep.

Ted Cruz assails fellow Republicans senators for ‘trickery’

Beaumont, Texas (CNN) – Sen. Ted Cruz accused his own Republican leadership of “trickery” in trying to force a “show vote” on raising the debt ceiling last week, warning Republicans will get “clobbered in the polls” for not standing up for principle.

Wow. When you don’t “get it” in the first paragraph, you’re not going to get it thereafter.

Ted Cruz is NOT a Republican. Rand Paul is NOT a Republican. Marco Rubio is NOT a Republican, and Ron Paul, Godfather to the Movement, was NEVER a Republican.


What me RINO?

Seriously. The haters of the Right LOVE to call people RINOs — generally meaning anyone not so obstructionist, inflexible and mean — but I am talking about TRUE RINOS: Republicans In Name Only.

These are Libertarians. They have a separate agenda. A separate constituency, and a separate funding mechanism (spelled “K.O.C.H.”)


Gail Dempsey I agree, but not in this backwards state that i live in!! i don’t know why i stay!!!
Hart Williams Because states with indoor plumbing are more expensive?

I have gone on at length, including Eric O’Keefe’s infamous letter in 1989* (just before the “Term Limits” program and just after Ron Paul’s LAST Presidential run under the Libertarian banner) saying, in essence: “It’s absurd to try and build a third party, let’s join an established party and take it over from within” — “” 4 March 2011.

[* and Read Eric Dondero — Ron Paul’s former chief of staff — saying the SAME thing, paralleling O’Keefe’s statement, but, more importantly, Dondero’s faction is ANTI the O’Keefe faction: “” 24  Oct. 2012]

CNN: BUS-ted

and their LITERAL fellow travelers in 2010:

cnn bus protested

The clueless protesting the equally clueless

These are no more “Republicans” than the chestburster in Alien is part of the crewman played by John Hurt. Technically “part” of him, and the only living portion of him after the happy scene, it is NOT the John Hurt character. Got it?


The alien is NOT part of John Hurt’s character as the 
“Liberty wing” of the Republican party are not Republicans

And, as long as you PRETEND that they’re the same thing, whatever “news” analysis you make is going to be nonsense, because you are proceeding from a false premise.

GIGO, as we say in old  FORTRAN IV programming: Garbage In; Garbage Out.


And, let’s face it, this is from CNN, which has enabled, collaborated and actively lent legitimacy to the nonsensical posture that the “Tea Party” are  Republicans, but ALSO a separate, legitimate movement, with the “Tea Party Express” remaining the same, fake astroturf money-making machine/movement for hire vending machine of Russo Marsh + Rogers of Sacramento that I have dutifully chronicled since it was “You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy” back in 2005.


(See “The Astroturf on Lambeau Field” and “Swift Boat Moms in Winnebagos” 30 Aug 05 cited by SourceWatch)

Or, if you don’t believe me, believe Politico Investigative Reporter Ken Vogel, who found the smoking gun only to learn that the “narrative” media refuses to admit the smell of cordite as meaningful: “” 17 December 2010.

teaparty and cnn buses

Look: In 2010, CNN sent a BUS, lending legitimacy to a fake organization

bugfucknowhere traffic-1019-cnn

The “Astroturf Express” and the “CNN Con” stuck in traffic, 2010

So: how can we parse what Ted Cruz says?

NOT as a Republican, but as a Fifth Column within the GOP, as many moderate Republicans and formerly what were termed conservatives before the crackpots took over the agenda and the name have learned.

If this is not understood, then we only have two choices: the national media are comatose.

Or they are collaborators.

alien chestburster

Welcome to the Tea Party wing of the GOP

There is no middle ground.


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