Nugent in 2007 – Crocodile Tears Over ‘Bad’ Language


This BS was on TV. I kid you not.

Once upon a time, July 4th, 2007, to be exact, Ted Nugent wrote an “editorial” for the Wall Street Journal that said the entire Sixties Generation was a failure, they were all on drugs, and were worthless, not like Ted Nugent, who was a good citizen, etc.

And I wrote a somewhat angry, but oh-so-restrained response.

This caused Joe Farah of WorldNetDaily to write a nasty piece, which Sean Hannity then picked up, and, commiserating with Brent Bozell, used me as their Tu Quoque fallacy (“both sides do it”) for yet another defense of an indefensible Ayn Coulter (sic) statement of hate and derision.

world nut daily

[I have since theorized that Farah might have been a touch paranoid about my suggestion that Chuck Norris allegedly might not be the author of his “column” in WND –which Farah happened, at the time, to be prepping to add on Creators Syndicate, as he has added several “syndicated columnists.” Ghost writing is nothing new for Farah, who ghosted Rush Limbaugh’s last “book,” the delightfully mature entitled “See! I Told You So.” But that was just a theory, of course. I mean, WHO has underpaid amanuenses write their syndicated columns FOR them, after all? Ridiculous!]

release of his book See, I Told You So, with collaborator Joseph Farah

Farah drinks the Kool Aid at Limbaugh’s book party

But my column must have been too much for Hannity’s tiny brain to handle, else Nugent needed to pimp his dreadful (and dreadful selling) “Love Grenade” CD, so on ANOTHER day that week, Mr. Warmth and Decency was brought on to bat cleanup. It doesn’t help that Alan Colmes mealy mouths my words into inarticulate goosh. Nugent would have cried his crocodile tears anyway. Note that he says I should go to jail for my comments.

Hannity & Bozell

Different day, different dude. Same subject.

Oh, and insists that I (and not Fox News) used the term “assassination.” Nope. I’m just a liberal “assassin” who can be bashed without ever once being afforded a chance to defend myself. No. That’s not the “Fair and Balanced” way over there.

holocaust winner fox

Great chyrons, too

Here’s Ted :

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Hypocrisy much?


Not factual; farcical. Satire, in other words that Sean and Ted can grok


Note, also, that, not only couldn’t they bother to offer me a rebuttal, but that


Back in his poopy-pants daze

[* Another Dip in the Nugent Slime

There is an important point about the Ted Nugent editorial I discussed yesterday that I didn’t touch on, but which seems, in retrospect, important.


There are skills and there are skills.

And then there’s the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page.

Who have just slurred a good and decent generation, who doesn’t seem to take any offense, or, perhaps, even notice. Whether Nugent wrote, limned, or just put his name on the piece in question, it was an extension of the WSJ editorial board’s feelings about that “sixties” generation.

Don’t you get it? These people wouldn’t mind if we all showed up dead tomorrow (as long, in most cases, as THEY didn’t have to do the dirty work). They have expressed their contempt in terms as clear as John Hancock’s signature. Will we appreciate the magnitude of the insult? (They probably just think it’s all in good ‘ol boy fun, like the cheap sophistries that that whore of the Right, David Brooks, is spinning over the Scooter Libby case in the pages of the formerly reputable New York TIMES.)

How we can remain “civil” in the face of this is beyond my ken.

I will only reiterate what I’ve said before: WHEN they manage to inevitably push their litany of hatespeak into actual bloodletting, and full-blown civil war (for there is no other place that this hatred of American against American can go), well …

I’ve got dibs on Rush, as soon as it’s legal and lawful to shoot him.

Whoever wants Ted Nugent is welcome to him, but I would prefer that you would call it now, so as to conserve on ammunition. We will need to manage it prudently.

But when the day comes that they have finally set brother against brother, and sister against sister in the name of their pocketbooks, I won’t approach exterminating them with anything approaching remorse. They’ve already told me what they think of me, of my friends and of my peers.

Now, I’m returning the favor.

Put that in your pipe and have the WSJ editorial staff show you how to smoke it, Nugent.


Instead, I was turned into involuntary PR for his crap CD tour.

is nugent the ron jeremy of rock n roll?

is Nugent the Ron Jeremy of rock n roll?

Funny how he continually  skates for the exact same sort of thing he ACCUSES me of.  (from “Suck on my machine gun” et al to “Chicago communist subhuman  m0ngrel” — some of the vitriol has been condensed to save pixels.)

So there is is, for what it’s worth.

Still, you have to be impressed that one column by me could scare and piss off all those “heavyweight” so-called conservatives: Sean Hannity, Brent Bozell, Joseph Farah and Ted Nugent. Thus far, no word from Chuck Norris.


GOP manliness embodied


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