Hinderaker, Putin, Koch and Climate Denial, Oh My!

The Koch Brothers CONTINUED to do what they do, including, most recently, the “defense” of these “great Americans” on the floor of the US Senate by Ted Cruz, and then the EXACT SAME PHRASING and “Luntz words” were used by several Koch stooges. “Private citizens” being oppressed by the U.S. Senate! Continue reading

Of Rubik and His Cubes

We used to use the term “natural philosopher” for those persons, like Benjamin Franklin or Leonardo da Vinci, carefully observed nature and made fundamental discoveries about the nature of our relationship to the universe that, mysteriously, had NOT come from repeated reading of the mythic words in the magic book. Continue reading

An Injunction Against the First Amendment

by Walter Brasch   Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, Pa., will be in court, Monday morning. This time, she will have lawyers and hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the country. Representing Scroggins to vacate an injunction limiting her travel will be lawyers from the ACLU and Public Citizen, and … Continue reading

Lettuce Look at Some Prices

   by Walter Brasch   I was resting at home when Marshbaum called to ask if I wanted to go with him to look at the lettuce. “The supermarket’s got lettuce for less than two bucks a head,” he said enthusiastically. “What’s so unusual about that?” “Because it’s going to … Continue reading

It’s My Tenth Blogiversary

It had a very intimate feeling, and I availed myself of the amazing free comedy improv show for months. Once Harvey Lembeck asked me why I was auditing, and I told him that I wanted to write comedy dialogue, and understanding the actors’ process would help me and help them. He liked that and let me stay … Continue reading

IRS Agents “Sabotage” Tea Party Activists? It’s FALSE NEWS!

It’s another day in the never-ending saga of the menacing IRS agents against the beleaguered Tea Party, some four years after the first set of applications made their way to the Cincinnati Tax Exempt Determinations Unit. The implication thus far has been that a small band of reprobate IRS agents … Continue reading

Vlad the Assailer in: Annexing the Sudentenland!

The Soviet Union’s Russian Republic’s greatest per capita consumer of Viagra® has played his dictator card again, following the template he established with the military bullying of Georgia (the country, and not the American  state which has long since left civil society). Hands are wrung: Why Russia no longer fears … Continue reading