Politicians, Cops and the Black Commuity


I originally wrote this article in 2014 after Ferguson, however since the result of the police officer being acquitted in the Philando Castile murder trial I decided to republish it just to remind myself its a reason the officer was once again found the not guilty it was not the lack of evidence its THE SYSTEM…

Four years ago I wrote an article Where is the Justice for the Black Boy in America. In the article I wrote “America has a fear of the black boy, an individual who they have no relationship with and no desire to understand.” The fact they have no desire to understand or embrace the black male as a full fledge American citizen is at its core the very reason why Black America feels left out in the cold in American Society. America has created a systematic structure where politicians and law enforcement have worked together to control, humiliate, intimidate, incarcerate and if all else fails kill young black people. I don’t agree with the strong-arm tactics of police officers towards African-Americans, however I understand the cop working the beat is merely a pawn of the system. A system of government policies, laws, and courts that encourage the police officer to control and contain the black boy by any means necessary.

President Ronald Reagan believed the only way to deal with the “urban problem” was to throw young black people into jail, showing the trouble makers who was really in charge. Reagan used phrases like “taking our country back” which was the politically correct way of saying we need to manage young black people and keep them in their place.  This phrase is still used today, as if the young black male is not a part of “our country.”  President Bill Clinton campaign staff believed the only way he could get elected and re-elected was to prove he would be “tough on crime” just as any Republican.  America must move away from trying to control and contain African-Americans, which has done nothing but and wood to the fire of anger, frustration, and distrust in American Government and its judicial system. America must create a government structure of empowering and embracing the African-American as a full-fledged citizen. Yes, there was black family in the White House, however, the infrastructure to which this country was built on says to black people “we don’t like you, we don’t trust you, and therefore we must control you, and we will use the courts to protect those who we have put in charge to control you.” The American Government and the power elites have believed in this “control policy” of the black man since the last slave left the plantation. The only way we can move forward as a move progressive nation is to totally restructure this current paradigm. America must begin to value a person based solely on the fact they are an American citizen and place  no value based on how much money they make or the color of their skin. We must put the cloth of justice officially not just symbolically over the eyes of lady justice.

The great challenge we face in changing our current infrastructure will not be writing or changing a law, hiring more black police offices or giving white officers more sensitivity training. It will be purely a mental change. Mentally, how do we convince White America that all African-Americans want are equal protections under the law, the same rights and privileges they enjoy every day? How do we convince White America that African-Americans are not trying to take over the country, or hurt them intentionally? How do we acknowledge that yes there are people in this world that are dead set on America’s destruction but African-Americans are far from a threat to national security we have in fact been fighting for the right of this nation to remain a independent Republic since the Revolution. Therefore, there is no need to treat them like enemies of the state. How do we convince them that black athletes and entertainers are not the only “good black people” in America? How do we convince them more times than not a black boy walking down the street is in fact just a black boy walking down the street?


We have a long way to go my fellow Americans and a lot of questions to answer, but we have to get the answers…..TOGETHER.

David Washington

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Graduate of Norfolk State University Summa Cum Laude BA in Political Science, Political Consultant, President of the New Chesapeake Men for Progress, Navy Veteran, and Former Obama Campaign Staffer.
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One Response to Politicians, Cops and the Black Commuity

  1. Gary Bennett says:

    We will have to build our on progressive programmatic and caring response. We have to build our own interactive, interdependent concern for all institutions that both model and provide interdependent businesses, social service, educational and Spiritual
    through which Black People will emulate and the whole world will respect because we are providing a service first to ourselves and we are trading and providing with the rest of the world Humanity.