Perceptions of Reality— And a Failure of a Grand Jury to Indict

  by Walter Brasch   She quietly walked into the classroom and stood there, just inside the door, against a wall. The professor, his back to her, continued his lecture, unaware of her presence until his students’ eyes began focusing upon her rather than him. “Yes?” he asked, turning to … Continue reading

How To Get Your Way By Punching Yourself

the officer will never have to answer a legitimate cross-examination to his professionally developed “alibi” in which the cops utterly bungled any possible notion of an honest and fair testimony on his part by giving him all the time in the world to craft an alibi, AFTER seeing all the potential evidence against him. Continue reading

How Americans Came to Oppose Fracking

by Walter Brasch   For the first time since high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as nonconventional fracking, was developed, more Americans oppose it than support it. According to a national survey conducted by the independent non-partisan Pew Research Center, 47 percent of Americans oppose fracking, while 41 percent … Continue reading

A Nation of Fear

  by Walter Brasch   Maintenance workers at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa., airport shot and killed a bear and her three cubs. The bears had crawled under a perimeter fence and were just lying around, several hundred yards from a runway. The airport director claimed the bears might have posed a … Continue reading

His Vorpal Sword Comes to an End

all good things come to an end.

Today marks the end of his vorpal sword in all its incarnations: Skiing Uphill, Boregasm, Zug, The Commonwealth of Blogistan, and, of course, hvs.

I’m not whining. Things change. Once this was EXACTLY the right and only thing to do. Now? Different ground rules. Continue reading