Hillary Takes Bold And Powerful Stance on Racism and Gun Control

Clinton1-XKekQTVnj3TH8eESVOW9bA This is what the first female president of the United States sounds like…

We heard it loud and clear today, as Hillary Clinton spoke today at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors.

Listening to Hillary speak today, her gentle voice implored us all to think deeply about the implications of the horrific tragedy that just struck in Charleston as Dylan Storm Roof took the lives of nine Blacks worshiping in their church earlier this week.

Hillary addressed our nation’s need for not just common sense gun control but also for more love and caring for each other. Both important issues to stand up for.

I came of age at a time when barriers were falling for women, another benefit.

I came of age as the Civil Rights movement was beginning to not only change laws but change hearts.

I’ve seen the expansion of not just rights but opportunities to so many of our fellow men and women who had been left out and left behind.

But we have unfinished business. And I am absolutely confident and optimistic we can get that done.

Hillary also implored all who were listening to understand the deep need to fight racism in America, still today. Everything that Hillary Clinton said in her speech today spoke to the better angels in us all.

This is the Hillary Clinton I endorse for President. This is the Hillary Clinton I endorsed in 2008. She is mother, she is grandmother. She has been a champion for women and children for decades. She is brilliant, she listens, and she gets it. All of it. We need Hillary Clinton more than ever… She showed me that today as she took a bold and powerful stance on racism and gun control. Stand with me as I stand for Hillary, because Hillary is standing for all who struggle. That I know.

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