A Gig Isn’t A Job

shrinking-middle-class-1422244719848-master495-v3The middle class is eroding. A real full-time job is a thing of the past for many working Americans. The part-time, freelance gig has replaced the full-time job and that has created shrinkage in the middle-class and income insecurity has become the norm for too many people.

While some people might like having a little more free time, the average worker depending on freelance and gig type work has a hard time making ends meet on a regular basis. For many of these people they don’t know when or if they will find a gig. Many people feel that the economic crisis we faced a few years ago simply has not been addressed in a way that can facilitate real change for struggling Americans:

Whether America will be America or not hinges on whether we have a downward spiral around wages,” said Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, a think tank closely aligned with Mrs. Clinton. “People know things are changing. They don’t feel like anyone has a handle on it. There’s a yearning for a political vision that addresses that.”

There is no income stability. There is not saving for a rainy day. There is just constant worrying about making ends meet. I know this, I live the gig life myself. It is an all too  common lifestyle for many single women who are raising children alone. Poverty in America is still a very pervasive issue.

I think a lot of people are looking to election 2016 for answers to the economic problems of today. They won’t get those answers from the Republican candidates.

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on her economic policy vision today. I believe she is our best hope.

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