Thanks, Mitch!

A lot of talking heads will shake their shaggy manes and harrumph and blither and blather and suchlike, as talking heads are wont to do.

Supreme Court deadlocks, thwarting Obama’s immigration actions
Josh Gerstein / Politico:

The Supreme Court has thwarted President Barack Obama’s drive to expand his executive actions on immigration by making as many as five million immigrants currently in the U.S. illegally eligible for quasi-legal status and work permits….

But this is what they’re actually talking about:

scotus - immigration

And …

scotus - tribal

The first case you know about … Texas sued to stop President Obama’s administrative authority to adopt ANY immigration policy while the congress intentionally refuses to adopt ANY immigration policy.

The second case was, potentially, a game changer in the old reality of: no tribal court can have jurisdiction over a non-tribal member, or, “tribal courts” are just little play courts, but white folks cain’t be jedged by them.

Worth reading at ScotusBlog.

The point being this: whatever you hear about the cases means little. The actual divided court is effectively gagged. The opinions in question are one-page non-opinions.

Thanks, Mitch McConnell. This is your intentional doing.

gop turtle mcconnell

And those parties who fought for years to have “their day in court” are denied resolution, continue to bleed money to lawyers and the mandate of two presidential elections is trod upon because Mitch the Turtle must do anything to stop Obamazilla, whose skin isn’t the right color, and whose party isn’t the right “kind” of American.




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