Take That Russia

President Obama took action against Russia today in a harsh rebuke against their recent hacking of of our 2016 election.

The Obama administration tossed “35 Russian intelligence operatives from the United States,” and they imposed “sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services, including four top officers of the military intelligence unit,” who were believed to have orchestrated on “the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations.”

The Obama administration also released evidence which “links the cyberattacks to computer systems used by Russian intelligence.”

Obama’s actions leave president-elect Trump in a tight spot, as Trump has repeatedly attempted to create doubt about the Russian connection to the hacking. Given this bold action by President Obama, “Mr. Trump will now have to decide whether to lift the sanctions on the Russian intelligence agencies when he takes office next month, with Republicans in Congress among those calling for a public investigation into Russia’s actions.”

If Trump rejects the actions of President Obama he will be forced to “effectively reject the findings of his intelligence agencies.”

Obama’s full statement on the actions is available here and information on the economic sanctions is available here.

Trump’s response, is in itself typical of Trump’s usual off the wall responses, was the claim that “Computers have complicated lives very greatly.”


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