Oversight? Who Needs it!

Oversight? Who needs it?

Apparently the House Republicans think that the Office of Congressional Ethics is just some little tedious committee that can be simply tossed by the wayside, since they have control of the Executive and Legislative branches of the government.

Today, in a big to make it harder for Democrats in the House of Representatives to question their Republican counterpart’s action, the Republicans pulled a fast one and announced that a new “Office of Congressional Complaint Review would be set up within the House Ethics Committee, which before the creation of the Office of Congressional Ethics had been accused of ignoring credible allegations of wrongdoing by lawmakers.”

So, all that talk about draining the swamp, well, it was a whole lot of bluster and B.S., as we see here:

“Poor way to begin draining the swamp,” Tom Fitton, president of the conservative group Judicial Watch, said on Twitter. He added, “Swamp wins with help of @SpeakerRyan, @RepGoodlatte.”

Instead of draining the swamp, House Republicans are simply going in to the 115th Congress full-tilt corruption enable-mode. Eric Lipton reports in The New York Times that “moving all of the authority to the House Ethics Committee, several ethics lawyers said, the House risks becoming far too protective of members accused of wrongdoing.” Furthermore, a former investigative lawyer the Office of Congressional Ethics, Bryson Morgan said “that under his interpretation of the new rules, members of the House committee could move to stop an inquiry even before it was completed.”

“This is huge,” said Mr. Morgan, who now defends lawmakers targeted in ethics investigations. “It effectively allows the committee to shut down any independent investigation into member misconduct. Historically, the ethics committee has failed to investigate member misconduct.”

We weren’t expecting anything less from the Republicans now were we? I mean after all, “Republicans Stonewalled Obama. Now the Ball Is in Their Court.”

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