Margin Narrows Between Conservatives and Liberals

A new Gallup Poll released today shows that more Americans identify as conservatives than liberals for with the margin narrowing since the 1990’s.

Lydia Saad notes in Gallup’s piece about the recent poll, that Gallup began “routinely measuring Americans’ political ideology in 1992,” and since that time, “conservative identification has varied between 36% and 40%.”

At the same time, there has been a clear increase in the percentage identifying as politically liberal, from 17% to 25%. This has been accompanied by a corresponding decrease in the percentage identifying as “moderate,” from 43% to 34%.

There’s a lot to unpack in the Gallup Poll. Not only do more Americans seem to identify as conservatives, but the Gallup Poll also makes the case that many Democrats have shifted further to the left, inching up “from 17% in 1990s,” while Republicans remain conservatives. And more moderates have recently shifted in the conservative side of the aisle, which seems to fit the pattern of moderates who jumped on board with Trump.

Gallup concludes that “The most obvious implication of this after the 2016 election is that the parties may increasingly nominate candidates who are wholly unacceptable to the opposing party.”

Additionally, it may be affecting the ideological bent of Americans’ representatives in Congress and the pressure these leaders face from their constituents to adhere to conservative versus liberal orthodoxy.

Looking at this poll one can not help but think that the case can certainly be made at this time, that “As red states roll back democracy, blue states should double down on true progressivism.”

Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to Margin Narrows Between Conservatives and Liberals

  1. Pat Tibbs says:

    Yes. If we progressives advocate for our positions vociferously we will have a chance to divide conservatives.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree!