The Great Ethics Evasion

We all need to lean on Congress, and especially the Senate, to turn up the heat on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is trying to shove cabinet appointments down the country’s throat without adequate ethics/background checks. The Ethics Committee has filed a formal complaint that many of Trump’s cabinet picks are scheduled for Senate confirmation hearings this week, yet their basic background and ethics checks have not been completed. This is unprecedented and dangerous.

A sample letter is below. Customize it and email away…and CALL your Senator as well. We beat the GOP last week when they tried to kill the independent ethics committee on a midnight vote. We buried them under a tsunami of phone calls last week. Let’s keep up the hustle and score another victory.

If your Senator is a Democrat, send the email to the state or national GOP party headquarters. They ARE concerned that they might be overstepping on ethics. Let’s keep them worried.

The usual tips apply. Couch your missives so that these doofuses understand they are losing votes with this nonsense. Ergo, check the partisan bile at the door, but be hard hitting.

Dear Senator:

I was profoundly disturbed to learn of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to fast track Senate cabinet confirmation hearings in the Senate before standard ethics reviews are complete. After being stung last week by Congress’ midnight attempt to end the independent ethics committee, I am shocked to see the GOP yet again skirting ethics for political gain by short-circuiting the “advise and consent” role of the Senate in confirming cabinet appointees.

I suppose rushing appointments through hearings will help the GOP avoid embarrassing questions. Based on public outcry this weekend, I am certain I speak for millions of Americans in urging you to slow down the process. The public would like to hear answers to those difficult questions from proposed cabinet appointees.

Where has the party of Family Values and morality gone? You have become toadies to the filthy rich, and you are happy to sidestep ethics for your cronies. Your leadership does not appear to give one whit for conflicts of interest, much less the core competency of these cabinet appointees. Shame on you. And shame on the GOP.

I am not fond of the deep partisan divide rending our country; but given the GOP’s deplorable actions in the last few weeks, I am rapidly coming to believe that a vote for any Republican, for any office at all, is not in my, or the country’s, best interest. Your actions are shameful, and run against Mr. Trump’s campaign promise to be the candidate of working Americans.

It’s important to note that the GOP’s actions are troubling ethics experts from BOTH sides of the aisle. I will remind you of the public words of Trevor Potter, the Republican head of the FEC and a long time advisor to President Bush on ethics (quote reported by The Hill and the Wall Street Journal):

“This is unprecedented This suggests that there has been a real breakdown between the transition and the Office of Government Ethics.”

Do you really no longer care? Please, stop the partisan shenanigans. Show America you care about ethics. Give us valid, considered confirmation hearings.

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One Response to The Great Ethics Evasion

  1. Sara Denton says:

    This would be unAmerican to put our country at such great risk not to have back ground checks.