Sometimes you just need to stand up to a bully

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“For more than 150 years, Portland has been a destination for those wanting to apply their hard work to the purpose of creating a better life for themselves and their families. My own family made the trek on the Oregon Trail. We are a city built on immigration. “We are not going to run from that history. We will not be complicit in the deportation of our neighbors. Under my leadership as Mayor, the City of Portland will remain a welcoming, safe place for all people regardless of immigration status. “This approach is consistent with the Oregon state law and the 4th and 10th Amendments of the United States Constitution. We will not compromise our values as a city or as Americans and will resist these policies.”

– Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

The idea that “sanctuary cities” are even a thing is a sad commentary on our collective compassion and humanity. That these cities are refusing to back down (Miami-Dade County being the exception) in the face of the inhumanity of President Trump speaks to a resolve that we must not treat some among us as “less than.”

The president is “in for one hell of a fight,” California state Sen. Scott Weiner (D), who represents San Francisco, said in a statement.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) said his city “will not retreat one inch” from its policy against holding undocumented immigrants it otherwise would not hold based on requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said his city “will not be intimidated by the authoritarian message coming from this administration.” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (D) said “nothing has changed” in his city, noting the lack of specifics in Trump’s order.

“We are going to fight this, and cities and states around the country are going to fight this,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said at a press conference Wednesday.

A Presidential executive order- which may not even be legal- only serves to draw a line in the sand. Though I hesitate to use the word “evil” to describe the actions and/or intent of a President, I can think of no other word adequate to the task. A week into the reign of God’s Own President ©, and we are already seeing the evil which motivates and drives him.

In the end, America will be poorer for it.

During a visit to the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order aimed at strong-arming so-called “sanctuary cities” into cooperating fully with his efforts to ramp up deportations. Threatening loss of federal funding and using shaming tactics for localities that refuse to comply, the order is styled as a call to obey existing immigration laws ― even though immigration experts and civil liberties groups are doubtful Trump even has the constitutional authority to enforce it.

Independent of the ultimate legality of the executive order, politicians from those sanctuary cities say they aren’t budging, and legal advocacy groups are gearing up for the coming legal fight.

Whether or not the Trump Administration has to stomach (or the cojones) to engage American cities over this issue remains to be seen. Given the questionable legality and constitutionality of his executive order, it might be a smart move for this President to seek a middle ground. Then again, he’s just arrogant enough to believe he’s bulletproof (figuratively speaking) and need not yield. He may actually believe that cutting off federal funds will force cities to come groveling to him.

Good Lord, how did we get to this place?

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