Heather Heyer: An American Patriot





William Lewis Moore a postman from Baltimore was shot and killed during a one-man march against segregation. Rev. Bruce Klunder was a civil rights activist who protested the building of a segregated school and was crushed to death when a bulldozer backed over him. Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner civil rights workers murdered in Philadelphia Mississippi. Rev. James Reeb a minister from Boston who joined the Selma marchers was killed by white men while walking down a Selma street. Viola Liuzzo a housewife and mother from Detroit, she was ferrying marchers between Selma and Montgomery when she was shot and killed by Klansmen.

You may be asking yourself; “What do their murders have to do with what happened to Heather on August 12, 2017?” Like Heather they were all WHITE! Heather understood what they all understood, you can’t hide behind the color of your skin when you see evil drawing near. Heather understood she couldn’t be in denial when she saw racism in living color. The racism once thought to be the things we only see on black and white newsreels and documentaries. Heather understood the only way America is truly going to live by its creed of ONE NATION UNDER GOD we must expose, call out, and stand up against those who think “because of the color of my skin I’m better then you.”

Heather Heyer says: I am white and like Viola Liuzzo before me I will not hide behind my privilege. I will stand up for what is right and what is just because America belongs to all of us!

Is this not what a true patriot is? A person who stands up against tyranny and hate, even when you’re not the one being persecuted. Isn’t that the reason why we call WWII veterans true patriots and the greatest generation? Because they stood up against the Nazis, fascism, and hate.

Please don’t call Heather Heyer a counter protester call her what she is…. A TRUE PATRIOT.

Rest Well Heather



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