Sorry Gang – I’m Just Not There Yet

I just can’t do it – not yet. I respect Hillary more than words can say and I know she did what she had to do today. I was there to hear her speak and found myself cheering wildly every time she paused to catch her breath, until she got to the part where she asked us to join her in her fight to help elect Obama as our next president. Then I stood there silent, with my hands folded politely in front of me. I’m not saying I won’t ever get there as far as voting for the guy goes.

Graduation Day and Hillary

Hillary’s going to be in DC speaking to her supporters on Saturday, and we’ll know more about what she plans to do going forward then. I thought a quick letter to her was in order, on the off chance she’s up late and reading the blogs tonight… I’ve written about my son a few times before and – well today was a big day in our family. My little boy graduated from his pre-school this afternoon, complete with caps and gowns. It’s a day I never thought I’d see – when he started working with the therapists from our local Infants and Toddlers program 4 years ago at the age of 18 months, he was just learning how to furniture … Continue reading

Petition Drive at

Some of you may think I’m nuts in sharing this link, but like many of you, I was beyond stunned by the news today. Even though we don’t have the full picture yet, there are new sites and efforts springing up all over the net. One involves a petition drive regarding a joint ticket. I wasn’t sure about how I felt re all this – after all… I’ve been fighting hard for over a year now to get Hillary into the general election so she could kick McSame’s butt, but my thoughts all came together when someone challenged the notion of supporting ANYthing invloving the DNC or staying with our party. I signed the petition, just in case this … Continue reading

Update:Texas Caucus Fraud

EBW and MBW of the highly respected Wampum blog have got their hands on the incident report summary referred to in Pacific John’s widely-read Texas caucus report. As one of the only remaining highly respected neutral voices in the liberal netroots, EBW says, “[…] I have the original [incident report summary], and the affidavits in my possession, and I personally know the person who provided these documents to me, and who’s last name is redacted along with the rest. I have a higher degree of confidence in the provenance of the material and veracity of the existence of the events journaled in the incident report than I have of anything in the media, other than perhaps the report of yesterday’s … Continue reading

Thank You Puerto Rico!

I love writing titles like this one. Seems over the past few months I’ve been writing this more often than not regarding one fabulous win or another of Hillary’s. And that’s all thanks to our amazing candidate and her cracker-jack team of staff and volunteers who hit the ground hard in each state and don’t let up until they’ve reached out to every last voter. Now as you might have heard, Hillary’s picked up another huge win and added to her lead in the popular vote thanks to the good people of Puerto Rico. Despite the shouts and hollering that this thing is over – despite the huge efforts of people to push Hillary aside, the good people of Puerto … Continue reading

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Well as you might have guessed, I was at the protest in DC today as the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) met to decide what to do with the votes my family all cast back in Michigan, and those in Florida. We turned up to make our voices heard in the hopes that the RBC would do the right thing and NOT punish the people for what their state party leaders – and those of the respective state republican party leaders did in moving up their primary dates. It’s always been my view that they were talking about punishing the wrong people but that doesn’t count for much as I’m not one of the 30 people on the RBC. … Continue reading

Peaceful Protest = Creating Chaos?

Ok I think we’ve finally entered silly season here folks. For a guy who got his big start by making a speech at an anti-war rally a few years back (a speech he seems to have built his entire campaign around), this statement by his campaign about this Saturday’s protest at the DNC meeting in DC does really fly in the face of reason. Apparently, one of his senior campaign managers (David Plouffe) told reporters during a recent presser that he didn’t “think its a helpful dynamic to create chaos” at this meeting. So let me get this straight… he hits the national scene by making a speech at a rally, but now we’re not supposed to lobby for voting … Continue reading

Heart of a Champion

I worked all day and then went in to make phone calls as part of a Women For Hillary phone bank this evening. I just got home and I’m zonked, and since I’ve been thinking of this old diary of mine from Feb. over the past few days, I thought this was a good time to re-post one of my favorites. It points to the work Hillary’s done over the years on our bahalf, and the heart of a champion that drives her to keep fighting for us every day. Enjoy (By the way – the phone bank went really well and Ann Lewis gave a kick-ass update and pep talk to our group of amazing and energetic phone bankers. … Continue reading