Consumer Driven Health Care Turned Upside Down

I have to admit that I am most likely one of the few lifelong Democrats that sees the potential that consumer driven health plans have in becoming a major part of health care reform to achieve near-universal coverage in this country.  It is unpopular to say in progressive circles, but the majority of Americans will probably never accept a one-size-fits-all health insurance system that is funded primarily with tax revenue.  Unfortunately, the potential for consumer driven care is currently overshadowed by the perverse incentives for health insurance placed in our federal tax code.    The most perverse incentive in our tax code pertains to the deductibility of health insurance premiums by employees.  Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to offer a salary reduction to employees in exchange for paying premiums with pre-tax dollars.  … Continue reading

Alaska First

A lot has been said in the mainstream media about Sarah Palin’s positions on various points of policy. As television viewers we have been subjected to hearing trivial items about her life such as winning a beauty pageant two decades ago from some no name town of a few thousand people. However, very little has been said about her loose affilation with the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) while Governor of the State of Alaska. The first question most people outside of Alaska would have is what is the Alaskan Independence Party anyway? Some people view the AIP as a political party entrenched in separatism similar to the Bloc Quebecois in Canada. The AIP is deeply rooted in state’s rights superseding … Continue reading