Closed for Renovation: the National Labor Relations Board

Written By National AFL-CIO Organizing Director Stewart Acuff in light of nationwide protests taking place targeting the National Labor Relations Board: During the week of November 15, thousands of union members and their allies marched, rallied, handbilled, phoned in, did street theater, and otherwise raised hell at the offices of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in more than 20 cities across the the United States. One thousand people rallied at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, DC on November 15 and marched to the National Labor headquarters of the NLRB where they rallied again and demanded that the Labor Board be closed for renovations until a new governing board could be appointed by a new President. That demand was echoed vigorously … Continue reading

Bluegrass Express Tour Sets Off Across Kentucky Today

Toot! Toot! Look out, Kentucky, the Bluegrass Express is coming through! Dozens of local labor leaders and union volunteers are setting out today on a 10-day bus tour through Kentucky, where Steve Beshear is challenging Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R), who has canceled bargaining rights for state employees, privatized Kentucky’s Medicaid program and taken other anti-worker stands. Starting today, the “It’s Our Time” Bluegrass Express tour is taking off to mobilize union members to elect working family-friendly candidates in the upcoming statewide elections. The Bluegrass Express bus will travel hundreds of miles, criss-crossing the state and stopping several times a day at worksites in Ashland, Calvert City, Elizabethtown, Hazard, Lexington, Madisonville and dozens of other Kentucky towns.