A Novel Solution To This Executive Branch Nightmare

Recent polls indicate that President Bush’s approval rating has dropped to a record low of twenty-seven percent. Our devious vice-president, Dick Cheney, is embroiled in brewing scandals related to the replacement of eight U.S. District Judges and the Libby pardon. (sorry commutation) Therefore, I think I have both a practical and novel solution to this executive branch nightmare. First, both King George and the V.P. must either be successfully impeached or coerced into resigning. Our new president, per the constitutionally established order of succession, would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Our new vice-president would be Secretary of State Condelezza Rice. Both positions would be filled by a female. The president would be a Democrat and the V.P. would be Republican. … Continue reading

Cheney and Bush Have Consistently Misled Us on Iraq

Editor’s Note: Buzz’s commentary below has been pulled from the comments here… Both VP Cheney and President Bush have consistently misled us on Iraq: 1. They predicted weapons of mass destruction and chemical stockpiles. There were none. 2. They predicted that we would be greeted as liberators with flowers. We were not, instead we were greeted with mines, gunfire, and suicide bombers. 3. Well over a year ago VP Cheney said that the enemy resistance was “In it’s last throes.” This proved to be a pipe dream. 4. President Bush in a PR stunt appeared on the deck of the USS Lincoln, beneath a banner which declared, “Mission Accomplished.” This was just another lie AKA pipedream. 5. At first our … Continue reading

The Legacy Of Arrogance

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Buzz for sharing this wonderful poem ‘The Legacy of Arrogance’ in the comments two days ago. It’s well worth a post of it’s own and as Ginny noted in response to it, Buzz should be our ‘Dem Daily Poet Laureate’. I quite agree… THE LEGACY OF ARROGANCE The era of Bush II dawned in 2000 with hopes. But to our great dismay we had inherited dopes. George promised to unite us and not be a divider. However, the divisions became more vicious and wider. His election itself cast doubts on it’s legitimacy. To many Al Gore was the one with authenticity. But, down in Florida, brother Jeb wouldn’t count all the votes, Ans so, with … Continue reading