Hurricane Déjà Vu

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Gustav. What a time for this to happen, given that the third anniversary of Katrina is here. I have the privlage of once again, being in the projected path. Here at home, people are ready to clear out. My local authorities are ready to call an evacuation as soon as Friday. As before, I will be ready to keep you informed as to what happens if it does in fact come this way.

Return of the Katrinacrat

After some time off, I am now back. I’ve had time to think things over and regroup. I guess I’m still sort of in denial about my mom. I still can’t believe she’s gone now. So much kept happening every time I thought I would come back to the blogs. I am now ready to come back, and pick back up where I left off. I am ready for battle once again. The Katrinacrat is back! Cross Posted from The Katrinacrat Blog

About the Jena Six

The story has now become so political, and should make everyone stop and think really hard. The righties are viewing it as one thing, and the lefties are seeing it as another. But there are a few things people have forgotten. This is about racism in a Louisiana town. This has nothing to do with the Republican or Democratic parties. All the hatred and venom that has come about from this is just insane. Why escalate something that is already a very divisive situation? Everyone is shouting each other down, and claiming to have a better reason or position to either write or reply on this story. Everyone thinks they have all the answers. Racism is alive and thriving, and … Continue reading

Thanks from the family

I would like to thank everyone for the support, prayers, and comments during these trying days. While my family tries to go forward, we know that we have the support of our family, friends, and the wonderful blogosphere. I am now back home, and plan to get back into the game. Watching my dad read comments from bloggers, on the funeral home website, I was happy to see that he took notice in how the support was there. Thank you everyone! For the contributors, thank you so much for helping to keep things going here. You have made the difference on if I came back to blog. I am at your service. I can never come up with the words … Continue reading

RIP: Judy McDaniel

Thanks to everyone for their support! On behalf of my family, thank you for all the care and love you have shown. You can sign the guest book at the link to the obit, and leave a message for the family. Judy Ann McDaniel (June 27, 1945 – September 15, 2007) Guest Book | Sign Guest Book Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 am on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 in the Delhomme Chapel of the Flowers for Judy Ann McDaniel, 62, who passed away Saturday, September 15, 2007 at Lafayette General Medical Center. Reverend Darren Eldridge, Associate Pastor of St. Edmond Catholic Church in Lafayette will officiate at the funeral services. Interment will take place in Lafayette Memorial Park … Continue reading

Goobernator vetoes Iraq pullout

Governor Schwarzenoodle vetoed “legislation that would have allowed Californians to vote on an advisory measure calling for President Bush to immediately withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.” Following in the typical fashion of the other Republicans, he refused to let the people speak, or even listen to them. The Goobernator claimed that it “would only further divide voters and shift attention from other critical issues that must be addressed.” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced early Wednesday he had vetoed legislation that would have allowed Californians to vote on an advisory measure calling for President Bush to immediately withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. […] The Republican governor said in a statement that a proposed ballot measure on the war would further divide Californians … Continue reading

Give us real answers Vitter!

I am not satisfied with any of the side stepping answers given from Vitty-cent, or his side stepping minions. I want real answers, and I want them now. So I will link to Vitty-cent’s site, and will make some calls. I am calling you out Sin-ator Vitty-cent. The Republicans called for Craig to resign, and you got the good ole boy slap on the back upon your return. I and the rest of the nation want to know why. Lets look at what was said about you: Days after Senator David Vitter apologized for using an escort service in Washington, D.C., a woman who once worked as a prostitute in Louisiana said he was a regular client of hers several … Continue reading