Why do people refuse to vote in America?

Some seem overwhelmed with the decision. Others feel the process is a sham and there is no point in participating. This historic election, we have a group that is more vocal about their reason. They won’t vote for the nominee if it isn’t their primary candidate. If there are enough of them – and the percentages are plenty- McCain could take the WH. This possibility is not real to some. Despite the irrefutable evidence that the bigger numbers defeat not only the Republicon candidates, but also the interference with the election process, from registration to count. We are all accustomed to taking risks in life. As simple as running a red light at 3 in the morning when the light … Continue reading

Why We Cry

The waste of speculation, air and print time on Hillary Clinton’s moment of emotion is as absurd, irrational, and downright stupid as humans can get. Yes, I am going to tell you what I really feel. Would it be possible to consider a few facts? I think a few decades ago we figured out that laughing releases hormones that act like uppers. Endorphins make us happy and promote human bonding. We love them. Singing, lactation, orgasm and high risk experiences also do this. Hence the bonding of lovers, mothers and babes, soldiers, and singers. When this came out and I had processed it with my experience, my question was: What does crying do for us? It was some years later … Continue reading

Can the GOP Fly without a Right Wing?

Almost twenty years ago, the assistant pastor of the Anchorage Baptist Temple, as a precinct chair, denied my husband and I the right to register and participate in the state Republican caucus for the ’88 election. The next day, an official of the state party called to apologize and offer to register us. Too late. We had figured out the GOP was no longer the political party we had supported. That night I went to the Democratic caucus prepared to hold my tongue and my nose in order to participate in the process. Instead, I found my political party, imperfect but with the goals, values and morals I held. I also found a month long seminar on the Evangelical infiltration … Continue reading

BBC Reporter Finds Evidence of 1933 US Coup Attempt by Rich American Businessmen

Given how poorly international news makes it to American media, I frequently seek out sources from overseas. The memeorandoum item just said “Listen to this programme in full.” The story was yet another dot in the accurate history of our last century of unelected, rich, powerful white men running this country that most Americans have yet to discover. Continue reading