Reflections on the 2008 Democratic Primary

Because the former king of pop can do it better than me: From the early MNSBC treatment of Hillary (initiated, btw, by Edwards and Obama), to mocking her nonexistent tears, to the constant calls for her to quit, to the painting of her as racist, to the absurd f#$%ing idea that Hillary was waiting for the assassination of Obama, to the forcing of the winner of more votes out of the contest, this contest has been a monstrosity. There is one thing no media outlet will ever be able to take away from Hillary Clinton: She received more votes than anyone else this cycle. I’m sure the Party leaders will unite around the nominee for the general election. It is … Continue reading

Is Going To Denver A Good Idea?

Yes. I’m not sure we will fix future primary seasons otherwise. It will also be good to get the Superdelegates on the record giving the nomination to the person who received fewer votes, which is really why they are all calling for Hillary to drop out. But going to Denver gives us time to evaluate why the person who received more popular votes got so many fewer pledged delegates. Here’s some clues. First, via TalkLeft, we have a thorough analysis of primary vs caucuses that show how the pledged delegate lead was decided by only 3% of total participants: Clinton’s lead is from 34.5 million voters (97%) in Primaries. Obama’s lead is from 1.1 million voters (3%) in caucuses…. …In … Continue reading

A Bad Day For Democracy

No matter how you feel about the eventual Democratic nominee (Hillary or Obama), today was a bad day for democracy. Not once, but twice (at least, the day is still young) AP tried to call this race before the voters had a chance to get to the polls. The media shamelessly tried to influence the results of today’s election. Even if the stories are true is there a good reason that they came out before polls closed in SD and MT? Less than 12 hours before the last poll closes, the media couldn’t wait to call this race over (even though its not until August, or if Hillary concedes). That is a deliberate effort to sway the outcome, and is bad … Continue reading

Clinton Nets Over 600,000 Votes Today

No matter what you think of the delegate rulings today, one thing is clear. By seating the delegates in any fashion, the RBC legitimized the popular vote tallies from FL and MI. This means Hillary can legitimately claim a net of over 600,000 votes today. No news source should report total popular vote numbers that don’t include the tallies from FL and MI. Were FL and MI voters unfairly punished in the way their delegate allocation impacts the nomination? Yes. But their vote totals were legitimized. Hillary has now legitimately received more votes than any other candidate this cycle, and in fact, ever. Superdelegates now have to decide whether popular vote, winning the big and important states, and being the … Continue reading

Fighting For Disenfranchisement

I just read that David Bonior and Rep. Robert Wexler will represent Obama at the RBC over the weekend. I’m curious as to what their arguments will be. This is going to go into the permanent history of the United States. Will those two argue for disenfranchisement? How will History judge them–and Obama–for what happens over the weekend? The founders had “Give me liberty or give me death”. What will we hear from those arguing not to seat the delegates or count votes? Many are approaching this as “Hillary versus Obama”. I tend to think of this in longer terms and how it will be judged in the History books. Bush v Gore has dropped from most people’s consciousness, but … Continue reading

21st Century Liberalism 101

Voters should never be disenfranchised because their legislators wanted to play games. That’s what this comes down to. That’s why this borderline Dem is ticked off. Rules should never be written to take away the franchise from innocent voters. Is that such a hard concept for people to understand? Discuss.


“When the violence causes silence we must be mistaken”: Many Hillary supporters see this election as social justice issue. Obama has worked hand in hand with the media in branding the Clintons as racists and spreading the gross lie that Hillary was calling for Obama’s assassination. The so-called liberal bloggers have joined in this appalling demonstration. The Democratic Party has remained silent. Now they want us to be silent and give it up. This whole “inevitable” line is a game. It’s a game to cow us into silence, into submission. The media are fighting in our heads, just like the media did when they cheered us into Iraq. Just like when they cheered us into accepting Bush in 2000. Just … Continue reading

Anti-Bush, Then What?

Note: This is something I wrote in 2004 and I reproduce intact without any changes. It is in line with my thinking on Progressive Blogosphere 2.0 and defining a 21st Century Liberalism. I never finished it so it’s not my best work. But you get the idea. The past three years has seen the emergence of a new, outspoken, and energized political movement: The Anti-Bush movement. This movement transcends party affiliation. Who would have thought that Greens, Democrats and Republicans would be united in any cause? What’s more, this political movement has long crossed the boundaries of the United States and has made its way across the world. In a poll conducted before the first bombs were dropped in Iraq, … Continue reading