See Through Black Eyes

by Leonce Gaiter We know that when Darren Wilson and many of his defenders see a black man, they see someone who “looks like a demon,” and someone who has the extra/sub-human ability to “bulk up to run through” bullets. We know this image of black men from an entire history of racist stereotypes. The image that Darren Wilson successfully invoked before the Missouri grand jury was the same image of monstrous black bucks lusting for white blood that propelled D.W. Griffith’s 1915 racist masterwork, “Birth of a Nation.” Throughout American history, most images of blacks have been created and presented by whites—and throughout the overwhelming majority of this nation’s history, the nation and its people have been institutionally racist. … Continue reading

President Obama, You’re No Socialist

Guest Post: By BERRY CRAIG Sometimes, people unintentionally define themselves by what they call others. Take Republicans who say Barack Obama is a “socialist.” It just shows how far right-wing they are. They pinned the “socialist” or “socialistic” label on the president when he was a candidate last year. Their man, John McCain, got clobbered. Name-calling is about all the Republicans have got left. After eight years of President George W. Bush, the economy is tanking. Unemployment topped eight percent in February. Americans are still losing lives and limbs in Bush’s bloody and seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess desperation drove the Republicans to forsake “liberal” for “socialist” as their stock smear-word for Democrats. The switch apparently … Continue reading

Obama in Portland: America is Back!

EDITOR’S NOTE: From Sandnsea on DU: So much to tell! If you get a chance to go hear this man speak, GO! Foremost, He said: “We Can End This War Without George Bush.” He is echoing Kerry, Richardson, Dodd, etc – they are going to spin this Petraeus report and it is important to Call Your Republican Senators and Reps NOW, Keep The Pressure On. That’s exactly what John Kerry said, we are more unified than the media is reporting and the Republicans are waivering. Don’t let these media reports influence your dedication to end the war. It was a fantastic event in Portland. He drew as many paying attendees as some other politicians drew to free events in the … Continue reading

Left Behind: Families of Our Troops

This guest post comes from Dizzy Dezzi. This post is taken from TKB and I think everyone needs to read this. Listen to the words of a military wife! Sorta cross-posted from dizzydayz. I know I haven’t stopped by in awhile, but I don’t like using this generous spot that Donnie has given me to post fluff (I have my own blog for that). But, many of my own readers know that nothing gets me more riled up than talk about the Iraq war, soldiers, and their families. So, what got my panties all wound up, today? This post over at Women and Older Troops Dying at Record Rates in Iraq; Twice as Many Children per Casualty Lose a … Continue reading

8/29 Investigation: A call to action

Todays guest post comes from one of the NOLA bloggers. Adrastos is one of the NOLA bloggers that I met at the New Orleans crime rally. You just have to love the city of New Orleans and their very own citizen media. A couple of the bloggers were speakers at the rally, and gave Nagin a verbal lashing. I have to tell you, the rally was something to behold, but the bloggers are the best. Those people rock! On with the post from Adrastos: We all know that Holy Joe Lieberman has decided NOT to launch a Senate investigation into the Bush administration’s criminally incompetent response to Katrina and the federal flood. As much fun as it is to bash … Continue reading

Would the World’s Largest Science Teacher’s Organization Ignore Climate Change Education?

EDITORS NOTE: Today’s Guest Post is from John F. Borowski. John is a science teacher of 26 years whose pieces have appeared in the N.Y. Times, UTNE Reader, Counterpunch, Commondreams and many other sites. The National Teachers Association (NSTA) has spurned 50,000 free DVDs of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and is squandering a golden opportunity to educate tens of millions of youth in the United States! Why? This 55,000- member organization of teachers and scientists could use Al Gore’s film to orchestrate the single most influential educational goal in human history: the awareness and subsequent solving of climate change. There is no denying the escalating list of climate change evidence: from the potential extinction of Polar bears and retreating … Continue reading

How to End the War in Iraq

EDITOR’S NOTE: As Bush spent the day with members of the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group “examining a new approach to the war in Iraq,” today’s Guest Post is from Dem Daily reader Sam Osborne. How to end the war in Iraq—peace without need of victory A war with a “foreign devil” may serve the purposes of a leader that desires to control the thinking of his people, but a bogus threat to their security does not assist that people in their effort to find a better way for themselves and the neighbors with whom they must live. “They hate us and want to destroy our way of life” is not uttered to encourage a brave consideration of the successful sharing … Continue reading