On the Death of Osama Bin Laden, We Are Responsible to Remember Our Response to 9/11 Involved Our Own War Crimes

Osama Bin Laden, a man who manipulated people with twisted claims about spirituality to mobilize and glamorize an on-going campaign of mass murder, has been stopped dead in his tracks.  Normally, I could see why this would be cause for celebration.  Indeed, I am relieved he has been stopped from killing anyone else and stopped from continuing to voice justifications for violence and inhumanity. But celebration is unfitting given the tragic and criminal history of our former leaders’ use of Osama Bin Laden’s attacks against the United States as cover for committing devastating war crimes in the name of the American people. We are responsible to remember that the ten-year hunt for Bin Laden was a part of a ten-year war … Continue reading

Pledging to Prohibit Policy Riders in Budget Negotiations

Two weeks ago, the Democratic women of the United States Senate demonstrated to the nation the type of hard-nosed leadership necessary to raise the Democratic Party far above the Republican Party in the public eye. Unfortunately, while they were modeling for President Obama what real leadership looks like, one of their brethren, Senator Jon Tester of Montana, was doing his best to maintain “politics as usual.”  The good news is that Democrats can still build on the progress achieved by the female Senate leadership and offer Senator Tester a way to align himself with the direction in which we want our nation headed. On April 8, 2011, as threat of a government shutdown loomed following Congressional failure to resolve the … Continue reading

The Birthday Gift America Cannot Do Without

Declare a Democratic Worldview by John Hank Edson This Fourth of July, let’s give America the birthday present she cannot do without. Let’s give the people back their Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence sets forth a worldview that, back in the 18th century, served as the foundation of our new nation. This foundation was composed of the principle of human equality and the rights of self-determination implied by the famous phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Back then, this foundation was sufficient to support the society we hoped to build, one free of the economic monopolies, religious authoritarianism and military brutality embodied, respectively, in the English nobility, the Church of England and England’s Redcoat soldiers. As … Continue reading

Obama’s ‘New Declaration of Independence’

By Hank Edson  If you are a frequent reader of the Democratic Daily, you know that on election night, November 4, 2008, I published my first book, The Declaration of the Democratic Worldview, a sequel to The Declaration of Independence.  That night I also posted the preface to my book on this site.  If you’d like a copy, you can get one at: http://democracypress.net.  I dedicated my Declaration to Barack Obama and added this thought: History will honor the architects who advance the quality of humanity by improving the sophistication of the structures of democracy My Declaration is a call to renew our democratic vows, a demand that the time has come to upgrade the worldview set forth in The … Continue reading

Preface to The Declaration of the Democratic Worldview

By John Hank Edson               Dedicated to Barack Obama     History will honor the architects who advance the quality of humanity by improving the structures of democracy.      This Election Day, November 4, 2008, we find ourselves in the midst of an extraordinary and important moment in the history of the United States of America.  In May, 75,000 people overflowed an auditorium in Portland, Oregon to hear Barack Obama give a campaign speech in his run to become the first African American president of our nation.  By the end of May, the Federal Elections Commission reported that so many Americans had donated money to Obama’s campaign that the commission could not keep up with its regulatory oversight duties.  In July, … Continue reading

A Positive Vision of 21st Century Democracy

 We need to be as ambitious in envisioning political process integrity as John Edwards has been honest in talking about political process corruption.  For supporters of John Edwards, the end of his 2008 campaign for the presidency should not be spent in either deep gloom or false bravado.  The future of the cause Edwards champions remains open and John Edwards’ influence on the rest of this campaign and perhaps on the next four years is unknown.  We would be mistaken to write him out of our script just because he has bowed out of the race for the presidency.  At the same time, clearly his campaign is lost and what is most appropriate in the face of this political loss … Continue reading

What the Reagan-Flap Really Says about Obama, Clinton, and Edwards

The recent flap over Barack Obama’s comments on Ronald Reagan speaks volumes about what distinguishes our three democratic presidential candidates.  But what it says is not complementary to either Obama or Clinton.  Instead, once again, it shows us that John Edwards is the real candidate all Democrats should support. Obama’s Intent When Obama described Reagan’s Republican Party as the “party of ideas,” his intention was to use Reagan as a sort of yardstick for measuring whether or not a candidate has the mojo to rally a large majority of the nation’s political support.  By invoking the concept of “the Reagan Democrat,” Obama intended to show that the Clintons did not measure up to the Reagan yardstick and to suggest, however, … Continue reading

Goldilocks and the Three Candidates

It was primary day in the forest and so Goldilocks told her mother she was going to go vote.  Goldilocks was a Democrat and she was terrified at the terrible condition of her country.  Her vote today mattered a great deal to both her and her country.  She left her home and went down the path to the local library where the voting booths were all set up.  The kind young man at the welcome counter had her sign her name in the register and gave her a voting card to take into the poll booth.  When Goldilocks had pulled the curtain closed behind her and sat down on the stool in the voting booth, she was surprised at what … Continue reading