WaPo’s Howie Kurtz Smears Dan Rather

My letter to the Washington Post Ombudsman(person): Unprofessional by any standard Dear Madam: I am writing to protest in the strongest terms the following from Howard Kurtz’s Friday column in the Post: “Many of his friends think he has lost it, that he has allowed his resentment at Leslie Moonves and other CBS executives who sent him packing last year to overwhelm his good judgment. They use words like “self-destructive” and “tragedy.” They believe he is engaging in revisionist history …” I am not taking Mr. Kurtz out of context, nor am I selectively editing, beyond trying to keep this short. There’s more where that came from. If I have to explain WHY it is utterly beyond the pale to … Continue reading

Hell’s Angels Dance With The Pinheads

Oh, good grief. The non-scandal that’s been touted as a scandal, the embarrassment to the rightie blogosmear, Faux Nooz, Rush Limbaugh, etc. has been granted new life by the New York Post‘s chief rival for the slimy tabloid crown in New York City, the New York Daily News. Here’s the headline: N.Y. Times admits Petraeus ad sold to Moveon.org at 1/2 off BY RICH SCHAPIRO DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER

Fool me 8,239 times and Shame on WHO?

My comment on Political Animal, the Washington Monthly’s blog, by the incomparable Kevin Drum. My comment on his posting today, “Changing The Subject” which is, itself, his comment on Matthew Yglesias’ (creepy and wrongheaded) Atlantic Monthly blog posting on the MoveOn flap that continues into its second (and soon its THIRD) week (and yes, I’m “quoting” myself, but more for solid typographic reasons than anything else. Now hush up and read): Each and every fucking day, the rightie blogosmear and their hate radio doppelgangers spew a constant commentary that puts the “General Betrayus” ad to shame. They call Hillary a “communist” (that’s the nicest thing they say), Al Gore the “Goracle,” smear Kerry, smear Edwards, smear …. well, you get … Continue reading

Dan Rather Strikes Back (Finally!)

USA Today‘s blog “On Deadline” reports: Report: Rather files $70M lawsuit against CBS News Which is cribbing from another newspaper, rather than bloggers, and THEREFORE, deserves attribution. It comes from a New York Times story: Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS By JACQUES STEINBERG

WaPost: Bush Meets With Rightie Bloggers

Sunday’s Washington Post reveals that Bush met with prominent military and pro-war bloggers the other day. Official White House Photo Gee, if you’ve been reading The Democratic Daily, you’d know that we reported it Friday afternoon. Well, better late than never, I suppose:

Nuclear Horsesh**t Again

i. the menace of Jane Fonda Propaganda invariably reveals its purposes by its very practice. I have noticed a low-key PR campaign that’s been going on for the past few months, to sell the nuclear industry to a new generation of voters too young to remember Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. The latest broadside appeared this morning in the New York Times Magazine. Placing a piece in the Times is a PR agent’s wet dream, and can be quoted in a thousand brochures, power point presentations, interviews, press releases, etc. It can be emblazoned on coffee mugs, keychains, t-shirts, and, most importantly, on the brains of credulous voters.

How Green Was My Talking Point

I guess it’s a priority story after all. Michelle Malkin weighed in with a vengeance (literally) today, in a column in the New York Post — which seems to have gone into “all attack, all the time” mode after the embarrassment of their non-journalistic, anonymously-sourced smear of yesterday. Oh, did I mention that the Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch? (As may well be Malkin, certainly she pulls down a nice chunk of change from various News Corp. entities.) The Post’s “related stories” sidebars look like the aftermath of a port-a-potty explosion: MOVEON’S SMEAR: A VILE NEW LOW ‘MOVEON’ OSAMA LISTEN TO THE GENERAL SEN. CLINTON’S SLUR TIMES GIVES LEFTIES A HEFTY DISCOUNT FOR ‘BETRAY US’ AD HILL’S AN ASP: … Continue reading