Norton Garfinkle, Take a Bow

Photo credit: PBS and Google Images. “If you don’t pay the people enough money, they can’t buy the cars.” – Henry Ford Norton Garfinkle, former economics professor and current chairman of the nonprofit, nonpartisan education and research organization, Future of American Democracy Foundation, has written a highly readible book about … Continue reading

Sen. Kerry and Rep. Inslee Join Conservation Groups in Lawsuit Against the Bush Administration

Has John Kerry been inspired by James Brown? The Senator is hammering on so many issues right now, he may be the hardest working man in Washington. Here is an exerpt from the Environmental News Network and the Center for Biological Diversity about the amicus brief supporting a lawsuit against … Continue reading

Lou Dobbs and Frank Luntz get the ol’ smackdown

Media Matters and Think Progress are all over Lou Dobbs, Frank Luntz, and The Washington Times for “misrepresenting the facts” in the dust-up over Nancy Pelosi’s travel arrangements. It turns out, when commuting back to home district, the Speaker of the House has been flying non-stop on government aircraft since … Continue reading