About Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll is a liberal political activist, writer, and host of the blogtalkradio show (along with Smoking Hot Politics co-admin Kimberley Irvin of “Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics,” which airs Wednesday nights at 8P. Hobbies: Walks on the beach in the sunset, writing poetry . . . No, really her only hobbies are protesting for the LGBT community at anti-gay rallies, protesting against anti-union scoundrels (she helped with the Walker recall), and busting out Republicans – catching them in lies, and exposing their hypocrisy, their soullessness, and their callous disregard for all living things (well, except for multi-millionaires).

Republicans and food assistance: Four bucks a day is still too much

Social scientists, scholars and liberal think tanks study it; Democratic Congresspeople and social activists work to prevent it; and Republicans – with their penchant for social spending cuts – seek to worsen it:  Food insecurity.  46 million people are on food assistance, 6 million of which survive only on the … Continue reading