Vennochi Got It Half Right

As a new resident of Massachusetts, I’ve been amazed, frustrated, and often, infuriated by the snide, petty political reporting of the Boston Globe, and its snarky corps of local oped writers (the wonderfully thoughtful and intelligent Tom Oliphant took an early retirement, much to my sorrow, and the Globe’s loss). It has taken me years to understand that this is typical for Boston, a city which is notorious for underappreciating many of its hometown treasures, including its two splendid senators, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. But I still don’t understand it. As someone who’s lived in states that have endured second-rate actors, failed businessmen and convicted felons for governors, has-been tap-dancers for senators, and congressional representatives with 0% voting records … Continue reading

John Kerry On Fire Delivering ‘Real Security For America’ Speech

By now, Sen. Kerry’s magnificent speech on national security is up on the web, along with a number of color photos of the event and in the news (here and here). No need, then, for me to post that speech again—only to urge people to read that speech carefully, and to look for the video on CSPAN. But I thought that it might be useful to add an account of the atmosphere in the hall, along with a brief description of the other speakers that preceded him. Judging from other CSPAN broadcasts, those other speakers are unlikely to be included in video archives of the events. For third time in 4 months, I took the T to Faneuil Hall to … Continue reading