The GOP vs. Obama (and the American People)

From WaPo, more good poll numbers for Obama: As President Obama prepares to address a joint session of Congress [tonight], he receives strong grades for his first full month in office, as large majorities of Americans support his $787 billion economic stimulus package and the recently unveiled $75 billion plan … Continue reading

North Dakota Bans Abortion

Well, not really. Or, not yet. The state’s House of Representatives has, by a margin of 51-41, voted “to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person,” according to local KXNet. In other words, the House has effectively voted to ban abortion, given that abortion would … Continue reading

Roland Burris Must Resign

With investigations underway in Illinois, an ethics probe launched in the Senate, and more and more evidence that he’s a lying, corrupt scoundrel, it is indeed time for Roland Burris to resign. The Washington Post From the moment that Mr. Burris was selected, he strove to portray himself as a … Continue reading

Larry Sabato Sees Dim Chance of Republican Success in 2010

He’s one of the best political prognosticators in the business, and, peering into his Crystal Ball, Sabato sees more Senate gains for the Democrats next year: Remarkably, even after losing six net Senate seats in 2006 and another seven or eight (pending the Minnesota resolution) in 2008, the GOP still … Continue reading

Smile, Wingnuts, Smile

In The Washington Times today — and I feel dirty linking to it, and even dirtier for having been on its website — Newt Gingrich asks the following question: “Where does the conservative movement go from here?” My answer is a simple one: Down the toilet and into oblivion. Newt, … Continue reading

Ashley Judd Takes On Sarah Palin and the Brutal Slaughter of Wolves

Sarah Palin, as bloodthirstily thuggish as ever, thinks that the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, which opposes the aerial slaughter of wolves, is an “extreme fringe group.” That’s right, this enthusiastic killer of animals thinks you’re extreme and on the fringe if you don’t think wolves should be shot to … Continue reading


“It’s time to play hardball,” advises the WaPo’s E.J. Dionne today, echoing the sentiments of many, including myself, who think Obama needs to fight back against Republican anti-stimulus spin. Dionne concludes: In just two weeks, the elation of Inauguration Day has given way to a classic form of partisan hardball. … Continue reading

Obama, Family Planning, and Foreign Aid

I continue to applaud enthusiastically through the early days of the Obama presidency. So far, Obama is what many of us expected him to be, and more. He’s closing Gitmo and banning torture, for example, and yesterday he reversed another of Bush’s more egregious policies, one especially harmful to women: … Continue reading