Iraq’s Kurds, Turkish Officials Meet in Baghdad

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that a delegation of Iraq’s Kurdish leadership and Turkish government officials met with each other in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, earlier that day. The Turks pressed Mahmoud Barzani, the president of the three-province semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, to crack down on the PKK in the region he is supposed to be in control of. Incidentally, the meeting was held shortly after Turkish media reported that another five Turkish soldiers were killed by PKK terrorists. Remarkably, whenever the Turks tell Iraq’s Kurds to crack down on the PKK, Kurdish authorities say there is not much they can do. At the same time, however, Iraqi ‘Kurdistan’ is the most stable region of Iraq because, thus … Continue reading

UNICEF to Launch World Hand-Washing Day

Although many will undoubtedly make fun of UNICEF’s decision to launch a ‘hand-washing day,’ those with a bit of knowledge about the benefits of having people wash their hands regularly are likely to applaud the effort. You see, if people would just wash their hands several times per day, thousands of lives would be saved every single day. An estimated 5,000 children die daily from diarrhea, AFP reported, but ‘half of those deaths could be prevented if they washed their hands with soap before meals and after going to the toilet,’ according to AFP spokeswoman Veronique Taveau told AFP. Especially children and adults in Asia and Africa could be saved if people would only wash their hands regularly, but the … Continue reading

Reality Check

When I was reading a column by Thomas Friedman yesterday about the war in Iraq, what to do next, etc., I could not help but notice that Friedman did not pay any attention to how the world would respond to a US withdrawal with genocide/mass slaughter as a result. When Americans talk about the war in Iraq, they strictly seem to think in domestic (political) terms, not in terms of how the world will respond. Therefore, I decided to publish a post today called “Reality Check.” You can read that post here. From it: I thought, let me talk with some Dutch people about this. I asked 8 people: only one of them supported the war in Iraq, the other … Continue reading

Great with Children…

or not? A question for President Bush on immigration rose up like a ghost from the grave this afternoon in Ohio. Only the questioner was a 13-year old blonde-headed girl, Jessica Hackerd, from Brecksville, Ohio, who immediately broke into tears after making her inquiry. “Mr. President, I know immigration has been a big problem in the U.S. And what is your next step with the immigration bill?” Jessica asked Mr. Bush, during a question and answer period after a speech Mr. Bush gave to a Cleveland business group. Mr. Bush’s sarcastic reply — a wry “yeah, thanks” — drew laughter from the crowd of 400. But the attention caused young Jessica, who characterized herself in an interview afterward as very … Continue reading

Me? Are You… Me?

A very strange story in the Dutch (free) newspaper De Pers. A short while ago, two 15 year old girls who were strangers were both sitting on a terras (café) in the small city of Milago (“Miracle”). They looked each other in the eye, and both suddenly realised “she looks exactly like me!” The girls started talking and… it seems that they are identical twins. The woman who claimed to be the biological mother of both girls – named Marielisa and Andrea – went to the authorities and… the ‘parents’ of the first girl – the man being a doctor – admitted to interrogators that they stole the girl. It seems that the mother of Marielisa and Andrea thought, 15 … Continue reading

As I Said: I’m With Broder, John Doe Is Stupid. And Newsweek?

For those of you who are wondering whether John Doe really is stupid: today, Nick Rivera links to this poll. The results of the poll: Even today, more than four years into the war in Iraq, as many as four in 10 Americans (41 percent) still believe Saddam Hussein’s regime was directly involved in financing, planning or carrying out the terrorist attacks on 9/11, even though no evidence has surfaced to support a connection. A majority of Americans were similarly unable to pick Saudi Arabia in a multiple-choice question about the country where most of the 9/11 hijackers were born. Just 43 percent got it right—and a full 20 percent thought most came from Iraq. And if that’s not said … Continue reading

Nannies Gone Wild

Bob Herbert writes: Michael Soguero was a first-rate principal at Bronx Guild High School. He loved his job, and he loved teaching in New York. He has not blamed the New York City Police Department for his departure to a school in Estes Park, Colo. Nevertheless, the facts are the facts. Back on Feb. 3, 2005, a student came running into Mr. Soguero’s office at Bronx Guild to say that a police officer was in a classroom. “I jumped up and ran to the classroom,” Mr. Soguero told me in an interview last week. “I found this officer, Gonzalez, exchanging words with a female student. “Everyone is sitting down except for the teacher and these two. The girl was saying, … Continue reading

Bush 41 on “those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources”

Watch the video at Crooks and Liars: I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors. Except for when these “traitors” are loyal Bushies, or would the older George Bush have strongly advised his son not to communite Libby’s sentence?