Reaper Speak: You’re all sick and diseased!

Alright, I’m back, and I’m ready to give a gentle swipe of the blade. Okay, it may not be all that gentle come to think of it. What better place to put up for a blade swing, than the local forum? A place where the wingnuts have gone overboard this time. Open wide….it’s medicine time! SWOOSH! Over at the local forums, on, some of the most insane things can be seen at times. This time, I came across something that really got me pissed! It never fails, the nuts find a way to bring something else into a post that has nothing to do with it. But it is much worse, when blatant racism and bigotry is spewed out, … Continue reading


Louisiana has long been hit by hurricanes like our fellow gulf coast states. A look at the past might give some insight into how many we have dealt with, and why we still live and survive, when even the federal government wishes for us to just go away. As a long time survivor of many of these storms, I know what it is to rebuild and refuse to just give up. You just can’t make us go away. WE LIVE! Cajun resolve can never be taken for granted. In a state that is full of descendants of a people that was left behind by their own nation, and left to the horror of England and Le Grand Dérangement, you can … Continue reading

Eating pizza causes theocracy

The following is a dual post by The Reaper and Donnie. Ave Maria is a town in Florida, that is built around a “1,100-seat Roman Catholic church and a traditional Catholic university.” Ave Maria is claimed to be a “refuge of sorts for Christian values in a secular age.” In the continued push for theocracy, Dominos Pizza founder Tom Monaghan, has his theocracy based community ready to go. For Monaghan, it’s gonna be all good in the Jesushood. Those pesky adult book stores and strip clubs will no longer be a problem for all those GOD fearing folks in their community. They will have to go elsewhere for that entertainment. And pesky contraceptives or birth control? Yep, local businesses are … Continue reading

Happy birthday: Not you Dubya!

Happy birthday! Not to you George W. Bush, but to two real men. Two men with real family values, that is not just a campaign slogan. I’m talking about two men, that are father and son. These men, are not just talking a lot of smack like another that shares the same birthday, but they walk the walk. Bush shares the same birthday, but not the same values and integrity. Real men have this day as their birthday, and they are The Katrinacrat and his dad! Happy birthday Donnie and Gary. George, I hope you choke on your cake! You don’t deserve to have the same day as those two!

Da Man

So I finally got to see the party that the Crazy Hippy Chick had over at her place. Some of the women folk there mentioned a pic of Da Man. So I figured I would be so kind as to show you a couple of pics, since he is under the weather now. The man has been having abdominal pains for almost a week now. So I don’t think he can hit all that hard right now. I bet he forgot all about these! Notice how dressed up he was that day, he wore jeans with the cammo hat, shirt, and boots! I guess I might have to stay away for a few days after he gets better. Bwahahahahaha! Cross … Continue reading

Support the troops, deport their wives

The wife of Army Spec. Alex Jimenez, that has been missing since his unit was attacked on May 12th, may be deported because she entered the U.S. in 2001 illegally. They married in 2004, and he requested a green card for her, and that put her on the radar of authorities. Jimenez you may recall, is one of the soldiers that troops are still searching for, and whose “identification cards were found in an al-Qaeda safe house north of Baghdad.” So having her husband missing and facing the potential death of him, is not enough. Lets go ahead and pile it on! Send that illegal back to where she belongs. Never mind the fact that her husband may be dead … Continue reading

Spanish-American Iraq

Gather around the fire my friends. I want to tell you a story that will give understanding to the current mentality of the war hawks. Find a stump or chair, and make yourself comfortable. Feel the warmth of the camp fire as it gives you comfort in the chill of the night. In January 1898, the USS Maine was sent to Cuba during a time of chaos. Local insurrection and civil disturbances, caused the U.S. to send the USS Maine to Havana to protect U.S. interests. On February 15, 1898, at 9:30 p.m. in Havana Harbor, the USS Maine, like Bush’s approval ratings, was sunk. Yellow Journalism soon was alive and thriving. An internal and accidental explosion, soon became a … Continue reading

Killing our own

I showed up this morning to check up on Donnie. What I saw, shocked me! Since he did the post on the Marines going against the Marine that protested, this was the first time I got to see him. He was nothing like the person I know. He was very livid about this person named Ron, that has attacked again. The man lost a part of himself when he posted against the Marine Corps in that post. It made him ill to do it, and yet he thought it was the right thing to do. If you knew him, you would understand what it took for him to speak out. He reminded me of the old days when he got … Continue reading