Bush’s Tales Out of School

This President leaves no cliché behind. Yesterday he revived the one about the kid who kills his parents and asks for sympathy because he’s an orphan. At one of the few commencement venues that can’t turn him down, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the Commander-in-Chief inspired graduates by declassifying intelligence … Continue reading

All-Thumbs White House

As soon as Democrats took over Congress, it became clear that, as political as this Administration has been, Bush, Cheney and Rove have no aptitude for the process. For six years, with a rubber-stamp Republican Congress, there was no need for the give-and-take, negotiating, compromises and tradeoffs normally involved in … Continue reading

Gore in Washington

Dwight Eisenhower defined an intellectual as “someone who takes more words than he needs to tell you more than he knows.” No one ever compared Sen. James Imhofe to Ike or, for that matter, Al Gore to Einstein, but the former President’s definition will be at the heart of the … Continue reading

Al Gore Week

This is going to be Al Gore Week, as the former VP and putative President of 2000, comes to Washington to testify about global warming to both the House and Senate. The media will be filled with hot air, not about the climate but Gore’s Presidential intentions, and why not? … Continue reading