After a Somber Week Something New: BBQ Butt Beer Can Chicken

I’ve been laid up for a couple days with knee surgery and getting outside, even on sticks, to get some BBQ sounds great. The idea started with @ktumulty ( journalist with her own blog at Time magazine) and her call on Twitter for receipes for Beer Can Chicken. Apparently she … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two, Part 2

(Most posts are from reporters that are live microblogging the hearing. Also I’ve mixed in some trusted commentators.) cbsandrewcohen: Kohl (D) notes that Sotomayor’s low reversal record suggests she is faithful to precedent. cbsandrewcohen: Soto: “I don’t prejudge cases.” That’s going to be one of the headlines this morning. cbsandrewcohen: … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two Part 1

Day Two Sotomayor Hearings (Most posts from reporters live microblogging the hearing) cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate [Andrew Cohen is the lead legal reporter for CBS] DukeStJournal: RT @GeraldFSeib: The Sotomayor … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day One

Sotomayor Hearing:Day One (Most quotes from reporters live micro-blogging the hearing.) jaketapper (ABC): I found this pro-Sotomayor essay in the WP by her Princeton professor interesting >> [This a far more inclusive look at the foundations of Judge Sotomayor than I have seen elsewhere. To understand who she is … Continue reading

Iran: The Whole World Is Watching

There are Traditional Media on the ground in Iran including NBC, ABC and, if they haven’t been thrown out as was ordered yesterday, the BBC. Yet we get more information directly from the site of demonstrations, meetings and rallies from the bloggers and tweeters that are on the ground. Marc … Continue reading

Iran,Pakistan and Afghanistan in Regional Potential Agreement To Fight Taliban and More

Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have begun serious talks on a regional effort to militarily combat Islamist extremism, terrorism and the Taliban in their joint countries.This is the second meeting in one month on this topic and economic issues confronting the region. Those talks include the growing heroin trade estimated to … Continue reading