The Eliminationists: Violent Language and Intent In America

“Eliminationist? What’s that? Who are they? I’ve not seen that word before and don’t understand. “ These are common reactions when people see the real work being done to define the violent rhetoric today. There is a movement of people who are radical and think seriously of how to demonize then eliminate their opposition. The language of elimination is becoming very common. There have been public calls for the President’s death. We have a Facebook poll voting for or against the Presidents death. The Hate Radio hosts, from Rush to TV’s Beck and many more, are using increasingly radicalized speech in their programming. Ann Coulter has famously used language that is eliminationist. After 9/11 in the New York Observer she … Continue reading

After a Somber Week Something New: BBQ Butt Beer Can Chicken

I’ve been laid up for a couple days with knee surgery and getting outside, even on sticks, to get some BBQ sounds great. The idea started with @ktumulty ( journalist with her own blog at Time magazine) and her call on Twitter for receipes for Beer Can Chicken. Apparently she got overloaded with ideas including my contributions using a You Tube and Food Network receipe. Use the You Tube below for a fine result! [BTW: BBQ to me isn’t smothering stuff with thick BBQ sauce. I’m referring to open flame or slow heat cook outside on a grill. I mention this as a friend just said they don’t like BBQ because the sauce is always too thick.] I love the … Continue reading

Rachel Maddow’s Segment On Healthcare And The Public Option (Video)

Aired on Monday, Rachel Maddow reported on the switch a day made between the White House statements of the weekend and those on Monday.  Jane Hamsher, of FireDogLake, joined Rachel at the end of the segment to discuss her effort to lead a progressive push for a public healthcare option in any case. [My comment after the video.] Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy [my comments] I do not agree with Hamsher that no reform is better than some reform, if that’s her position. I wonder, however, if that’s exactly what she said. Her response to Maddow’s question was more on the lines of ‘Why should we have to make a choice?’ If the … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two, Part 2

(Most posts are from reporters that are live microblogging the hearing. Also I’ve mixed in some trusted commentators.) cbsandrewcohen: Kohl (D) notes that Sotomayor’s low reversal record suggests she is faithful to precedent. cbsandrewcohen: Soto: “I don’t prejudge cases.” That’s going to be one of the headlines this morning. cbsandrewcohen: Soto on Roe v. Wade: The Casey case reaffirmed the core of Roe and its now precedent of Supreme Court. No further comment. Kohl moves on. cbsandrewcohen: Hatch now suggesting that Soto “hid” her ruling in Ricci by making it an unpublished ruling. Repeats lie that all 9 Justices overturned her. cbsandrewcohen: Feinstein: does Constitution allow president to ignore certain parts of legislation he doesn’t believe he has a duty … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day Two Part 1

Day Two Sotomayor Hearings (Most posts from reporters live microblogging the hearing) cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate cbsandrewcohen: Morning Sotomayor trawl. @nytimes @latimes CSM: @slate [Andrew Cohen is the lead legal reporter for CBS] DukeStJournal: RT @GeraldFSeib: The Sotomayor hearings are a proxy for the broader ideological struggle underway in Washington. cbsandrewcohen: This is silly. Leahy now has been asking his Ricci question for about three minutes. Stop talking, Senator, and let the judge speak. mikemadden: Sotomayor: “It’s important to remember, as a judge, I don’t make law.” “I’ve prepared very well for these hearings,” she didn’t add. cbsandrewcohen: Soto on Ricci: She says she was following precedent; … Continue reading

Sotomayor Hearing: Day One

Sotomayor Hearing:Day One (Most quotes from reporters live micro-blogging the hearing.) jaketapper (ABC): I found this pro-Sotomayor essay in the WP by her Princeton professor interesting >> [This a far more inclusive look at the foundations of Judge Sotomayor than I have seen elsewhere. To understand who she is today you must understand her past and path. Read this for both past and path.] pwire: Expect a lot of talking by senators today, but no questioning of Sotomayor… that doesn’t take place until Tuesday… [PoliticalWire] DavidCornDC (Mother Jones): Sen. Kohl with a smart preemptive take: your life experience will impact, not overwhelm your judicial decisions. Good formulation cbsandrewcohen(CBS Radio): Feingold: Finds shocking “suggestion that Sotomayor “will be biased … Continue reading

Short Takes Without Jackson Or Palin

RUSSIA Reported by Michael Scherer of Time magazine “Medvedev and Obama: Sunshine in Moscow” Moscow Mission Day 1 Jake Tapper of ABC News  reports: POTUS and Putin aspire to get past “grayish moods” IRAN Borzou Daragarhi- LA Times reports Revolutionary Guards publicly announce they have taken over national security in Iran during this period of “unrest”. <H/T to @LaraABCNews based in Dubai.> CHINA URUMQI, China (Reuters) – Han Chinese armed with iron bars and machetes spilled down side streets and into the stairwell of an apartment building on Tuesday, looking for Muslim Uighur targets two days after bloody ethnic clashes killed 156 and wounded more than 1,000. Jim Sciutto ABC News personal comment: “St. protests, deadly govt crackdown, photos on … Continue reading

Iran: The Whole World Is Watching

There are Traditional Media on the ground in Iran including NBC, ABC and, if they haven’t been thrown out as was ordered yesterday, the BBC. Yet we get more information directly from the site of demonstrations, meetings and rallies from the bloggers and tweeters that are on the ground. Marc Ambinder suggests we approach this uncensored or verified flow of information in the same way a CIA analyst would. Be skeptical. Watch for other than contradict the first information. But also see when the tone and lack of contradiction may mean that you are getting real information. Last night I followed @Change_for _Iran as he was with the crowd that tried to break out of their University grounds yet was … Continue reading