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Right-wingers loves them some dictators, until they outlive their usefulness

I don’t know who wrote Krauthammer’s column today, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him. Why else would the column truthfully discuss the vile dictators the Right-wing administrations in the US have chosen to support: Pakistan is not the first time we’ve faced hard choices about democratization. At the height … Continue reading

The Kite Runner: Beautiful, brutal film of growth and redemption

This film is based on the remarkable book by Khaled Hosseini, which chronicles the rapid and heartbreaking changes in Afghanistan in the last 20 years, starting with the fall of the Afghan monarchy, continuing with the Russian invasion, and ending with the rule of the Taliban. All this is told through the story of a young boy, who escapes with his father to Pakistan and then America, but who has to return to Kabul as an adult to finish some surprising, and dangerous business. Continue reading