Senator Kerry Stakes Out Ground As a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T…

By now you have heard or read about Senator Kerry’s speech at Faneuil Hall today. I was there in the back of the Hall, struggling to find a network to let me live-blog something out of the place, but it was not to be. These are some thoughts that I had while listening to the Senator speak: Senator Kerry stakes out ground as a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T… Senator Kerry was preceeded to the podium by two speakers, Thomas Farrington, who, like Kerry himself, is a prostrate cancer survivor and by the Senator’s youngest daughter, Vanessa Kerry, who is one year away from her medical degree. Mr. Farrington pointed out the particular problems that African-American men have in getting medical treatment because of … Continue reading

John Kerry Connects the Dots with his Speech on Energy Independence

I was in the audience today, as Senator John Kerry delivered a powerful speech at Faneuil Hall in Boston on what America needs to do to free itself from foreign oil dependence, combat global warming and climate change and push for more efficient energy usage in the U.S. Before the speech we were treated to a young man from Vermont who came to read a letter he sent to the Senator recently. Jesse Rogers, all of 8 years old, sent Kerry a copy of Dr Suess’ The Lorax, because it’s a good book about the environment. Young Jesse certainly charmed the crowd. The Senator delivered his speech before a large and receptive crowd that cheered his suggestions for actions that … Continue reading