Unite and Conquer

With the recent addition to The Democratic Daily of our drenched and unhappy Republican from Louisiana, Donnie McDaniel, I’ve gotten to thinking… It’s possible, if not probable, that the Republican bosses are losing some of their base, and rightfully so. As former moderate, intelligent, sensible Republicans see merit in the Democratic Party, I think it is vital that we welcome them with open arms, and fight this administration’s attempt to divide and conquer. I am concerned about the continuing hatred expressed toward our fellow conservative Americans in the blogosphere. I would like to stem this flow and encourage everyone to come together and discuss the future of our country. This is a golden opportunity. I am speaking up as much … Continue reading

My Big Question

It certainly appears to be reality. Katrina has knocked 9/11 and the War on Terror out of the arena, and left our President stripped bare. He is now the “Responsibility President”, an image worked up overnight to save the floundering (should I say drowning?) Republican Party. This isn’t quite in synch with the privatized infinitessimal bathtub variety of governance they were previously professing. Since in my humble assessment, you is what you is, and one thing Mr. Bush isn’t, is a leader of men. As this becomes clear to the American public, and a vacuum of leadership is created, what should the Democratic Party choose as its main thrust into this vacated spot? What should the Democrats simply promise to … Continue reading

Welcome to Camp Katrina

In the aftermath of this unbelievable tragedy, emotions are running high, fear being one of them. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, but in the midst of the horror, some beautiful, uplifting stories are unfolding. Colorado has invited 1000 survivors to make a new home in this sun-filled, high-spirited, DRY, infinitely friendly place. The people are overjoyed at this opportunity to embrace these Americans who have just been through hell. Here are some excerpts from the Rocky Mountain News: Volunteers canceled Labor Day weekend plans and worked around the clock to cart off truckloads of debris and mop away years of grime. In a massive outpouring of support — from pastors to policy wonks, from cops to … Continue reading