Kerry & McCain: Who’s Zooming Who?

You know what was funny about John MyFriend’s latest meltdown yesterday on the plane with reporters? Not that he lost his temper, as much as what he was saying was a fabrication. NEW ORLEANS — Senator John McCain fielded a question at a public forum on Friday morning in Atlanta … Continue reading

Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Questioner

I hope last night’s Democratic debate was the last one. Ever. I can stands so much till I can stands no more. But it really has become, as the Times notes this morning, a parody. A parody of a parody, complete with idiotic questions, followed by the attendant “insight” of … Continue reading

“Civil War”? Give Me A Break

What a helluva weekend Barack Obama had, sweeping Louisiana, Washington, Nebraska and the Maine caucuses, and besting Bill Clinton for a Grammy Award last night (spoken word). With news that Hillary Clinton “swung the ax,” firing her campaign chair and replacing her with a longtime aide, it would seem Obama … Continue reading

Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama

Just below Stuart has a post explaining how he’s gone over to the Clinton camp. I thought I’d post a similar explanation on how I’ve gone over to Obama’s camp, and cast my vote for him here in Georgia today (and thank you, Pamela, for encouraging dissenting voices on the … Continue reading

Kerry Endorses Obama

Wow. I’m not completely surprised by this email from John Kerry (and I’m sure Pamela will have the details), but it is newsworthy. “Dear Todd, “Martin Luther King said, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So I’m choosing this time to share an important decision I’ve … Continue reading

Suffolk U!

Remember my recap the other day regarding polling in the Dem race? And the only poll out there showing Clinton would win came from Suffolk University? * Suffolk University : Clinton 35%, Obama 33%, Edwards 14% “But as Carpetbagger notes, “Come Wednesday morning, the pollsters at Suffolk University are going … Continue reading

MSNBC: Idiots

Pamela’s already mentioned Tweety Mathew’s stupid comments from this morning. I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts in general about how, across the board last night, MSNBC was full of morons and nincompoops who got it so wrong regarding the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, it defied belief. … Continue reading