Sixty Years of Poverty in the United States

Pew Research has released a new report that highlights post-recession statistics on multi-generational living, as a means of getting by in an economy that has been slow to recover. Pew Research notes in the report, “the declining employment and wages of less-educated young adults may be undercutting their capacity to live independently of their parents. Unemployed adults are much more likely to live in multi-generational households than adults with jobs are.” As American’s continue to struggle financially in the post-recession economy, here’s a look at Sixty Years of Poverty in the United States: In the past fifty to sixty years, poverty in America has been a political issue that is tossed about quite a bit during the Presidential and Congressional … Continue reading

‘A’ is for Average: Grade Inflation in America

by Walter Brasch About 1.8 million students will graduate from college this year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. At least one-third of them will graduate with honors. In some colleges, about half will be honor graduates. It’s not that the current crop is that bright, it’s that honors is determined by grade point average. Because of runaway grade inflation, the average grade in college is now an “A.” About 43 percent of all college grades are “A”s, according to a recent study by Stuart Rojstaczer and Christopher Healy, and published in the prestigious Teachers College Record.  About three-fourths of all grades are “A”s or “B”s. Throw out the universal curve that applies to everything from height to … Continue reading

Springsteen Endorses and Campaigns for Obama

It’s no secret here on The Dem Daily that I am big fan of the Boss. I’ve been posting here since The Dem Daily’s start, on his voice in politics that extends not just through his lyrics and music but into his involvement in the last few presidential elections. Bruce Springsteen has always championed the little people, the working class in his music. He has stood up for what’s right about our country and shown himself to be a great outspoken patriot as seen in his song We Take Care Of Our Own, from his latest release, Wrecking Ball . On Wednesday, Bruce Springsteen posted his endorsement of Barack Obama on his website and took to the campaign trail for … Continue reading

TV Alert: Two Part Clinton Documentary Premieres on PBS Tonight

A two part documentary on President Bill Clinton airs tonight and tomorrow night on PBS’s American Experience at 9:00 et. After finally finishing watching the screener this afternoon, I can only say, this is some must watch TV. PBS notes the documentary is a “biography of a president who rose from a broken childhood in Arkansas to become one of the most successful politicians in modern American history, and one of the most complex and conflicted characters to ever stride across the public stage.” During production of the series, the production crew interviewed 61 people and 50 of them appear in the series including: Kofi Annan, Jonathan Alter, Sidney Blumenthal, James Carville, Wes Clark, Tom Daschle, David Gergen, Harold Ickes, Joe Klein, … Continue reading

The Weekend Reading List

I’ve been laying low today, once again playing catch up with business and rest. Ah, yes rest… Something I never get enough of. Suffice to say running a small business and a blog keeps me very busy and rarely take much time for myself. That said, here’s the Weekend Reading List: The Gallup Daily shows a Clinton upswing in recent days: Clinton 46%, Obama 45%: At a piece by Paul Lukasiak dissecting the story by “journalist” Celeste Fremon that was front-paged at the HuffPo last night: “Anatomy of a Left Wing Smear.” On TalkLeft from Jeralyn: “Bill Clinton Explains Falsities in Obama’ s Newest Ad” and Political Radar reports, “Bill Clinton Says Criticisms of Hillary’s Healthcare Plan are ‘Bull’.” CNN has … Continue reading

Did Obama Give Hillary The Finger Today?

It’s appears that way to me. The timing, the gesture, the sheer passive-aggressiveness of the act, which would fit Obama’s passive-aggressive campaign, couldn’t be simply a habitual gesture. Judge for yourself. I’ll withhold most of my profane reactions to this classless, deliberate playing to a young audience who have no political history to use as an anchor point for judgment. Barack Obama is an ass. And you can bet Hillary Clinton, in private, will react much, much more strongly. [I hope she keeps Bill away from any cameras for 24 hours, at least, to let him cool off.] I also hope she demands a public apology and lets him refuse to give her one. He’s played one too many passive-aggressive … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton to Appear on ‘Colbert Report’

Hillary Clinton will appear on the Colbert Report on Thursday night. AP News reports Clinton is “hoping the “Colbert bump” will help propel her to victory in Pennsylvania.” The Democratic presidential candidate will make her first appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” on Thursday. Both Clinton and Colbert have come to Pennsylvania ahead of the state’s hard-fought Democratic primary on April 22. Clinton rival Barack Obama also is in Pennsylvania, but has thus far declined Colbert’s invitation. Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, was scheduled to appear on the show tonight. And incase you missed it, the sphere is a buzz about Hillary tossing one down in Indiana the other night. Good for Hillary… Real women do toss down a shot … Continue reading

Political Log Rolling in the Clinton Campaign

It was just an old-fashioned case of political log rolling. In this case, the Clinton campaign approached a Democratic county commissioner and held up a political carrot—if the commissioner, the only Democrat of the three commissioners, would endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, they would do their best to provide President Bill Clinton as a speaker in the commissioner’s county.            “Well, OK. That’s a pretty fair deal,” the Bloomsburg (Pa.) Press Enterprise quoted Commissioner David Kovach as telling the Clinton staffer. Kovach told the newspaper he didn’t know whether to support Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama, but that the lure of the President’s appearance is what convinced him to make a decision. The Clinton campaign later said it … Continue reading