President Bush’s Safari to Find Friendly Faces

President Bush is in Africa this week, sulking because he didn’t get his way. In one of the rare times the past seven years, the House of Representatives, now under Democrat control for the first time in 12 years, defended the Constitution and refused to allow the President to bully … Continue reading

Democratic Party Enthusiasm Skyrocketing

Thanks to Polling Report for their constant poll tracking. They have polls on almost every conceivable topic. This explains the massive turnout increases we’ve seen in every election this season. If you want to know the current poll ‘pulse’ Polling Report is the place check daily. Well worth the visit.

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Just gonna keep it simple, today. That seems like something that is missing from my life right now: simplicity. Of course, that’s not going to change any time in the very near future, so long as SSG Dizzy is still doing the Iraq Deployment Shuffle. Thankfully, I have music to … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up: Valentine’s Treats

Ah…Valentine’s Day. A day for sweethearts to express their love for one another. Sadly, like Christmas, this holiday has been so over-commercialized that too many of us feel like we have to meet some pretty high expectations to come out of this day unscathed. I have never expected much from … Continue reading

Late Night Reads

Lambert on Corrente: More faux outrage from the OFB. Taylor Marsh: David Shuster Says Chelsea ‘Pimped Out’ by Hillary. From The Trail… “President Bush plans to give an implicit endorsement of onetime rival John McCain’s conservative bona fides tomorrow as the Arizona senator seeks to consolidate the party behind his … Continue reading

Hillary and Iraq

Of all of the many reasons to support a Democrat for President of the U.S. in 2008, one of the most vital is to start to bring to a close the reckless bloodbath that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and friends opened up in Iraq. From the safety of our homes … Continue reading