Sixty Years of Poverty in the United States

Poverty in America is a pervasive issue that we’ve been wrestling with for a long time. Some moderate advances were made under President Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” but there remains little change in poverty statistics and policy in the past sixty years. Part of the reason is the contentious nature … Continue reading

Obama Gets Real on Income Inequality

President Obama’s speech on Economic Mobility on Wednesday, was a much needed jolt of reality about the state of our economy and income inequality in America. I spent the past two weeks researching the topic of poverty in America in the past sixty years. Suffice to say, I was glad … Continue reading

Clueless in New Hampshire: Scott Brown

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown had a clueless moment in New Hampshire last night at a Republican dinner. However, apparently Brown, who lives in Massachusetts isn’t too sure where the border is… “What I’ve heard from the Republicans up here is they’re thankful that I’ve been around for a year, … Continue reading

Senate Votes to Limit Filibusters

Facilitating the foremost change in Senate rules in decades, the Senate voted today to remove the use of the filibuster against the majority of presidential nominees. The 52 to 48 vote in the Senate this afternoon to change the rules was driven by the Republican obstructionism that has created a … Continue reading

Healthcare Enrollment Surges in Some States After Rocky Start

The Affordable Care Act has decidedly had a rough start, however the L.A. Times reports today, “enrollment is surging in many states as tens of thousands of consumers sign up for insurance plans made available by President Obama’s health law.” A number of states that use their own systems, including … Continue reading

Obamacare and the Power of Fear

The Affordable Care Act more popularly known as Obamacare, in the opinion of many experts is the most debated law in American history.  Does anyone really know what the Affordable Care Act is? Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, in a very humorous fashion pointed out how people truly believed there … Continue reading

Police Lock Down U.S. Capitol After Shots Fired (Updated)

On the 3rd day of the federal government shutdown, reports of shots fired outside the U.S. Capitol have facilitated a lock down on Capitol Hill. The shooting, at about 2:19 p.m., sent the busy Capitol complex into lockdown, with legislators and other employees told to shelter in place. It appeared to … Continue reading