Miami Police 3 Times More Likely to Kill Than New York City Police

Police Siren 2

An extensive analysis of police homicides found wide discrepancies in the rate of police killings among major metropolitan police departments, when measured against population figures. Contrary to popular belief, New York City—-with a police homicide rate of 1 in 123,529 citizens—-ranks near the top (best, least people killed) of large cities in the U.S. The NYPD killed 68 people from 2007 – 2012 out of a population of 8.4 million. In Miami-Dade County, in a population of 2.5 million, (less than a third of the people living in NYC) police killed 68 citizens during that same five-year period. This means that citizens of Miami are 3.5 times more likely to killed by their local policeman than their counterparts in New … Continue reading

Whistleblowers Necessary for a Free Press

Bradley Manning

In a well-orchestrated effort to get ahead of the story, this week the Obama administration released a trove of secret information about domestic spying and the rules of how the domestic phone records may be accessed and used by intelligence analysts. And yesterday, the president met with congressional leaders to assure them that the secret NSA programs would be adjusted. But, the administration efforts failed miserably in heading off the growing outcry and only raised more questions than they answered. Too little, too late. Even as senators debated the program, The Guardian published a 32-page presentation,  downloaded by Edward J. Snowden, that describes a separate surveillance activity by the agency. It gives NSA analysts access to virtually any Internet browsing … Continue reading

Squandering the American Dream with Wasteful Spending

Do we really need 234 military golf courses around the world, an $80 million military ski resort in the Bavarian Alps and a parade of unnecessary weapons, ships, and planes?It is increasingly obvious that our enormous untouchable “military” budget is not always being used for our national defense.Likewise, our massive health care budget, both public and private, is not making us any healthier. Much of the spending is squandered by inflated payments to a bloated medical establishment. Why does a simple colonoscopy cost Americans nearly $7,000 when the same procedure costs $700 in the rest of the advanced nations? Healthcare and military costs are the elephants in the American economy. All other spending is minor compared to spending on healthcare … Continue reading

Kerry Confirmed Secretary of State, Toxic State Jockeying Begins

my original blog began as my attempt to publicly raise the question (by my running for office) : “If a candidate gets more than 90% of his funding from outside the district, will that candidate actually represent the district or will he represent his outside sugar daddies?” Continue reading

Kerry Should Stay in Senate, Romney for Secretary of State


President Obama had lunch yesterday with Mitt Romney and one of the topics they discussed was Romney’s plan for making “government more efficient.” Obama has praised Romney for his work in running the Olympics and for his skills that could lend themselves to making the government work better, said Jay Carney, White House spokesman. Certainly Romney has great passion and experience for restructuring and downsizing inefficient companies. If any organization is dysfunctional and outrageously expensive for what we get in return, it is the Department of Defense… a Mitt Romney, when not catering to right-wing Tea Party zealots, surely recognizes that. Maybe Romney could outsource some of these defensive duties to our erstwhile allies overseas. Does the Pentagon really need … Continue reading

Debates are Show Business

They are not usually about Issues. In this primary process, they are about Who Is the Best Candidate? Who can Win? Ever since the first televised debate between Kennedy & Nixon, voters have often judged candidates on inconsequential issues… Nixon lost the 1960 debate, and election, because of such trivia as how much did he sweat?…How much makeup did he have on? As the story goes, voters who listened to the debate on radio were overwhelmingly convinced that Nixon had won on the issues, but Kennedy was the clear victor among those who actually watched the debate. Kennedy won because he looked cool and composed on stage next to the Vice President. He looked like he knew what he was … Continue reading

Snob-Obama is Not Just Out of Touch. He’s From Another Planet

This is how the Republicans are trying to define Barack Obama: Too Liberal, Too Out of Touch. “I know what makes people there ‘bitter.’ It’s slick-talking politicians who look down on their beliefs and values.”  Michael Goodwin wrote in Sunday’s Daily News about his small town in Pennsylvania. The well-circulated quotes from Huffington Post — of Obama telling a closed, well-heeled fundraiser that people in small towns in Pennsylvania are bitter and cling to religion and guns out of frustration — have created a dangerous firestorm. This brouhaha exposes an existing political vulnerability — the perception of an elitist Obama. He will be tagged as the Harvard-trained candidate of the young and educated.  The Republicans managed to stick a similarly … Continue reading