IS Oklahoma actually OK?

So, one wonders, how come there is so little discussion of this equally sacred (to Nine-Lebbin) day of Remembrance? And isn’t it interesting to compare and contrast Ted Nugent’s recent comments? Continue reading

The Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch

The Daily Caller, funded by Foster Friess — who’s such a control freak that when the SuperPac he funded wouldn’t spent more money in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, PERSONALLY made Santorum radio ad buys — continues its role as a political assassin. Here’s the reptile brain argument… Continue reading

Dueling Jingos: Tax Paranoia

Paranoid delusions about BIG BUSINESS and BIG GOVERNMENT colluding to keep YOU, Mr. and Mrs. America from entering the lucrative and rewarding business of TAX PREPARATION, and enjoying cruises in the Bahamas after having only worked THREE AND HALF WINTER MONTHS a year … my ghod, what is happening to our FREEDOM??!? Continue reading

Emancipation Day 150 Years Later

In 2012, because Emancipation Day falls on Monday, April 16, and the normal tax deadline of April 15 falls on a Sunday, the tax deadline will be on Tuesday, April 17. Continue reading

So How Come the Tax Code is so “Unfair”?

Because as long as this trope exists that taxes are “unfair” and “needlessly complex,” it’s people like Steve Forbes — and not average taxpayers like you and me — who will benefit. Continue reading

The War on the War on Women Woman

She IS a part of this campaign, and, having made herself a public figure, is undeserving of any special benefit or protection. She has to face the same political ugliness that the Obamas have (where are the cries of wounded womanhood when Michelle Obama is called “The Mooch” and derided as a mad spendthrift, behaving as Marie Antoinette in the midst of this horrible Recession?), that Hillary Clinton has, that every other man and woman in the political arena must face. Continue reading

Lost In A Sea Of Hate Redux

Today’s Memeorandum is so filled with mindless rage and hatred (no false equivalences here: nearly ALL from the rampaging Right) that it beggars the imagination and would be impractical to comment on at length: the old paradigm of an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters, comes to mind, minus Shakespeare and adding only “angry monkeys.” Continue reading

Scofflaws and Submarine Sandwiches

ask yourself why Sarah Palin guesting on NBC’s Today (Toady?) Show is getting exponentially MORE press coverage than this story? Continue reading

A Streetcar Named Reform

The Supreme Court has (predictably) expanded police powers broadly, ruling broadly in a case involving strip searches and jail visits, to expand all police’s rights to strip searches (including cavity searches) of anyone for just about any violation — including, as Justice Breyer notes in his dissent, a traffic offense:… Continue reading

NPR Screws the Pooch

Anything about Foster’s financial fostering of the creepy Daily Caller, whose Tucker Carlson and his soulmate Andrew Breitbart were working in tandem at the time of the latter’s demise? No, but we DO get this: Friess also makes frequent calls for more civility in politics, and more unity. Continue reading