What They Fought and Fight For

To our eyes, the whole grotesque notion of slavery seems impossible, and yet, while we turn our eyes away from the slavery-in-all-but-title exploitation of “illegal immigrants” in sweat shops and farm fields, we struggle to understand how an entire society could have pretended that the horror of slavery didn’t actually exist… Continue reading

Athena and the Jurists

They’re already screaming about how their last shreds of freedom are being stripped from them (which is, frankly, immoderate and frightening language virtually guaranteed to overamp some poor lost soul who treasures his Second Amendment rights.) Continue reading

Anger Is Not Enough

we need to focus our anger on gutless state legislators who talk tough and pass stupid and dangerous laws against women, against public safety, against science and education, against regulation and voting rights, against common sense and reason … Continue reading

The Fundamental Madness of Eddie Munster

The notion, implausible and fantastic on its face, is that the “free market” — which is to say, untrammeled greed — will benevolently lift all of Mankind on the backs of selfish Supermen — the Howard Roarkes and John Galts — who will benevolently move industry and civilization forward because it pleases them to so do. Continue reading

‘Dumb Frankenstein’ Premieres, Starring Sarah Palin

Yes, the shocking lack of respect for the dead is, perhaps, a hallmark of Breitbartia, but one would think that the corpse would be allowed to cool before “reanimating” it, in a sort of club-footed attempt to mimic the iconic “Hope” poster of President Obama by Shepard Fairey. Continue reading

The Faux Outrage of Greta Van Sufferance

So, as we listen to the bigotry — against undocumented workers that WASP businesses hire, against American and Canadian Muslims, against Arab-American immigrants — don’t you doubt that the second Klan would have been right there with the teabaggers and the reichties. Continue reading

Bearded Spock in the Land of the GOPs

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the original episode of the original Star Trek (and I knew a refugee from Tehran who told me how their Pre-Revolution dinners had been disrupted in a battle for years, because her brother wanted to watch Star Trek, which came on at dinnertime in Iran), then be warned that I’m going to give the whole shebang away, and if you read on, you will deprive yourself of the delight of watching it for the first time, without knowing what will happen. T’would spoil it for you. Continue reading

Unfree Unspeech

Our boycott isn’t a boycott, like those evil liberal lefties like Ed Schultz. We will retroactively Dixie Chicks either him or Carbonite and harm someone because someone withdrew their advertising from Rush Limbaugh — because he verbally abused an American girl, a young woman not long out of high school for having the courage to testify in front of the few, minority members of Congress who would listen to her. Continue reading

Why the Right is Full of Shite

Anthony Weiner’s only sin was that he stood up to bullies LIKE Breitbart, who had to find some sleazy way to destroy him outside the boundaries of civil discourse or debate, and succeeded, hoping to (along with morons like Mr. Roth) destroy his marriage as well. Merely removing Weiner from the public stage was not enough, and that’s not a “forceful spokesman.” No: that’s being an assassin and a thug — as in “Thugee.” Continue reading

Joe Arpaio, Joe Farah and Nat Turner

No room is left for moderation. And, in a nation in which public policy is, increasingly, determined by talk-radio debate, the lack of courtesy, the absence of reason and reasonableness, and the monkey-throwing-feces brand of humor is a dangerous indicator of the future. Continue reading