Wanna Remove Rush from the Airwaves? Here’s How.

Boycotting national sponsors accomplishes nothing. A couple might cave (as they did today), but the reason that Limbaugh is on the local airwaves is LOCAL sponsors: your friends and neighbors paying to have YOU insulted and demeaned. Don’t give them the money to do so. But LET THEM KNOW, so they’ve got a chance to mend their ways. Be polite. You will be AMAZED at what you can do. Continue reading

Breitbart is Dead, but his Spirit Lives On …

Case in point: Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart — Which wouldn’t be surprising, of course, had I not written this in a private email moments before it popped up on the Front Page of Memeorandum, as I explained that I wouldn’t be writing any schadenfreudy snark, etc.: Continue reading

The Congress of the Forest

One momentous day, the Forest Congress assembled to debate the burning issue of the hour: a bill had been offered declaring every acorn a tree, and, thus, all criminal penalties should accrue to anyone disturbing an acorn just as they would to anyone cutting down a tree. Continue reading

The Silence of the Eloi; The Feasting of the Morlocks

How long before nobody’s left, in that Niemöllerian sense? Continue reading

A Bedtime Story for the New Depression, redux

“Good heavens,” murmured Lewiston, looking vaguely from side to side. “That—that ruins me. I can’t carry my grain any longer—what with storage charges and—and—Bridges, I don’t see just how I’m going to make out. Sixty-two cents a bushel! Why, man, what with this and with that it’s cost me nearly a dollar a bushel to raise that wheat, and now Truslow—” He turned away abruptly with a quick gesture of infinite discouragement…. Continue reading

The Road Ahead

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t there NINE muses? Continue reading

Sorry: Glenn Beck is NOT a Catholic

The question here isn’t whether Glenn Beck is a delusional idiot. The real question is WHO at the Washington Post decided that this hogswallop was worthy of publication in any serious newspaper? Continue reading

Foster Friess, Fake Cowboy, Fools the Foils

At least, Gentle Reader, you may calm the chills that you might feel running up and down your spine with the sure knowledge that you KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS STORY and Foster Friess now than ANY MAJOR NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLET. Continue reading

Public Employee Spreads Hate on Taxpayers’ Dime

Of all the students in my class, the ones who are the least intelligent are the liberal ones. … For example, one of my students every day talks about the right to occupy public places that the people in the Occupy Wall Street movements are exercising. He knows that individual citizens have the right to squat on public places and protest, regardless of time, place, and manner restrictions, and he knows this beyond a doubt in his little mind. Continue reading

That’s Amor, Eh?

A mystery that we celebrate today, and, alas, all those underage children and diamond companies and florists celebrate in their own, clueless or exploitative way, who are celebrating it with us.

But Cupid’s arrows sometimes lead to Continue reading