Durbin’s Hypocrisy

I have watched an interesting pattern develop for some time now, that I know others have observed as well. When Hillary Clinton or any of her surrogates attempt to draw distinctions between herself and Barack Obama, they are accused of attacking Barack Obama personally. Yet, team Obama gets away with … Continue reading

Oh My! Another Republican Caught in a Sex Scandal!

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Yet another Republican has been caught in a sex scandal. Is it something in their Kool Aid I wonder, because this is just becoming an epidemic with these folks. Of course, “State Representative Richard Curtis” who “dressed up in women’s lingerie and met a … Continue reading

The Human Security Report: of Peace on Earth

Hollow as the phrase “Peace on Earth” sounds to many of us, there is hope. The world is less violent. The first report released a year ago by the Human Security Institute surprised many. The follow up this year, December 21st, supports the trend uncovered last year. Happy New Year. Continue reading